Post Columbian History and Gov. of Belize

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  1. what year did Hernan Cortes sail to Belize
  2. where did Hernan Cortes come from
  3. Who did Cortes bring with him
    • 120 sailors
    • 550 soldiers
    • 11 ships
  4. how long did the war between the Spanish and the Maya last
    over 400 years
  5. What happened when Cortes got to Belize
    forced them to get baptized and started to fight the maya
  6. why did Cortes go to Belize
    to find slaves
  7. when was the Caste War
  8. Between 1840-1850 how much did the belize population decrease
  9. what type of war style did the Mayans practice
    guerilla warfare
  10. where did the Mayans used to hide during the war
    Quintana Roo
  11. Up until when were the Mayans still hiding in Quintana Roo
  12. Who were the baymen of Belize
    British Buccaneers
  13. Once the Buccaneers pirating career stopped, what did they do
    dragged logwood back to England
  14. why did Spain attack the british on St. George's Caye
    wanted control of the logwood industry
  15. What allowed Britain to logwood in Belize
    Treaty of Versailles
  16. When was the battle of St. George's Caye?
    September 3-10th 1978
  17. what is the Battle of St. George's Caye known for
    the battle that happened on the 10th
  18. When did Spain officially leave Belize
    Sept. 10th 1978
  19. when did Belize become British Honduras
  20. When did Belize gain their independence from the British Crown
    September 21, 1981
  21. how many slaves were their in 1970
    3/4 of the population
  22. how many main slave revolts were there
  23. what were the years of the main slave revolts
    • 1765
    • 1768
    • 1773
    • 1820
  24. what was the most effective slave revolt
  25. when was slavery abolished in Belize
    1838- before america
  26. when were the Governments first parliamentray elections held
  27. who is the head of the state of Belize
    Queen Elizabeth the second
  28. who is the Prime Minister of Belize
    Dean Barrow
  29. Who was the first prime minister of Belize
    George Price
  30. how long was Price in office
  31. what was the main thing Price did
    gained freedom for Belize
  32. who was known as the father of the nation
    George Price
  33. what is the Belize defense
    BDF- Belize defense Forces
  34. what are the two active parties in Belize
    • PUP- people's united party
    • UDP- United Democratic Party
  35. how does the Belize govt make money
    selling families and citizenship
  36. how much does it cost to become a citizen of belize
  37. what are the 3 main industries of Belize
    • Tourism Agriculture
    • Fisheries
    • small manufactured goods
  38. what are the main exports of Belize
    • Sugar
    • Citrus
    • Bananas
    • lobster
    • timber
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