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  1. Mag levels
  2. What is mag needed for
    critical for skeletal muscle contractions
  3. Decreased mag level will
    increase impulse transmission from nerve to nerve and nerve to skeletal muscle
  4. S/S of hypomagnesemia
    hyperactive DTR, numbness and tingling, painful muscle contractions, positive Chvostek’s and Trousseau’s
  5. Diet for hypomagnesemia
    tuna, fish, spinach, avocados, legumes, rolled oats
  6. Hypomagnesemia can occur with
  7. Causes of hypermagnesemia
    renal failure, excessive antacids, adrenal insufficiency
  8. Loop diuretics can further reduce
    serum mag levels
  9. Normal phosphorus level
  10. Where is phosphorus found
    80% in bones
  11. Sources of food
    tuna, fish, beef liver, pork, yogurt, nuts, chicken, milk and milk products
  12. Increased PTH cause
    net loss of phosphorus
  13. Reduced PTH
    enhance kidney reabsorption of phosphorus resulting in increased plasma level of phosphorus
  14. Cause of hypophosphatemia
    hyperglycemia, administration of TPN
  15. Body changes in hypophosphatemia
    brownish-orange tea colored urine, peripheral pulses are slow and difficult to find
  16. Hypophosphatemia food to avoid
    milk, cheese, yogurt
  17. Mgmt of hyperphosphatemia entails
    mgmt. of HYPOcalcemia
  18. Cause of hyperphosphatemia
    hypoparathyroidism; low Ca (tetany)
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