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  1. Angle off
    • the angle between number 1's heading and number 2's heading
    • also know as heading crossing angle (HCA)
  2. Aspect angle
    • the angle between the longitudinal axis of the number on aircraft to number 2
    • expressed in degrees off number 1 in multiples of 10
  3. Why is the 3/9 line important?
    number 2 must remain behind the 3/9 line
  4. lead pursuit
    placing your velocity vector in front of number 1
  5. Pure pursuit
    placing your velocity vector on number 1
  6. Lag pusuit
    placing your velocity vector behind number 1
  7. Effects of lead, pure and lag pursuit
  8. line of sight (LOS)
    is a line going form your eyes to your target
  9. what is a pitchout?
    • a maneuver flow to generate the spacing that will allow you to practice multiple rejoins
    • Turn by both aircraft of roughly 180° using 60° of bank
  10. Pitchout spacing
    • 2-3 seconds = 1000-1500' spacing
    • 5 seconds = 3000' spacing
  11. what are the steps for a pitchout?
    • signal for a pitchout
    • get an acknowledgement from number 2
    • clear in direction of turn
    • roll crisply into 60° bank
    • turn approximately 180°
  12. what is fighting wing?
    a fluid type of formation used to provide enhanced flexibility to the flight
  13. where is the fighting wing position?
    anywhere within a 30-45° cone at a distance of 500-1000 feet aft of number 1
  14. close trail limitations:
    • 90° bank max
    • 2-3 Gs
    • minimum 120 KIAS

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