ch 4 abnormal

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  1. understanding of the behavior of a particular individual
    idiographic understanding
  2. process of collecting and interpreting relevant information about a client or research participant
  3. the process in which a test is administered to a large group of people whose performance then serves as a standard or norm against which any individuals score can be measured
  4. a measure of the consistency of test or research results
  5. the accuracy of a tests or study's results; that is; the extent to which the test or study actually measures or shows what it claims
  6. a set of interview questions and observations designed to reveal the degree and nature of a clients abnormal functioning
    mental status exam
  7. a device for gathering information about a few aspects of a persons psychological functioning from which broader information about the person can be inferred
  8. a test consisting of ambiguous material that people interpret or respond to
    projective test
  9. a test designed to measure broad personality characteristics, consisting of statements about behaviors, beliefs, and feelings that people evaluate as either characteristic or uncharacteristic of them
    personality inventory
  10. tests designed to measure a persons responses in one specific area of functioning, such as affect, social skills, or cognitive processes
    response inventories
  11. a test that measures physical responses as possible indicators of psychological problems
    psychophysiological test
  12. a test that directly measures brain structure or activity
    neurological test
  13. a test that detects brain impairment by measuring a persons cognitive, perceptual, and motor performances
    neuropsychological test
  14. determination that a persons problems reflect a particular disorder
  15. cluster of symptoms that usually occur together
  16. a list of disorders, along with descriptions of symptoms and guidelines for making appropriate diagnoses
    classification system
  17. a movement in the clinical field that seeks to identify which therapies have received clear research support for each disorder, to develop corresponding treatment guidelines, and to spread such information to clinicians.
    empirically supported treatments
  18. an effort to identify a set of common strategies that run through the work of all effective therapists
    rapprochement movement
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