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  1. Position for pt with hemorrhage
    modified trendelebergs
  2. Signs of mild shock
    pale, cool and moist skin
  3. Signs of moderate shock
    diaphoresis more marked and urine output ceases
  4. Signs of severe shock
    mental status changes, agitated, disorientation
  5. When to assess ABD trauma
    15-30 minutes early then hourly
  6. What happens in crush injury
    rhabdomyolisis-muscle becomes ischemic and necrotic from pressure and then myoglobin is released into circulation where it can occlude the distal renal tubules and result in kidney failure
  7. Causes of crush injury
    earthquakes, older people falling and not getting up, drug or alcohol OD, trapped under heavy equipment
  8. How to splint
    in functional position; immobilize the point at a site distal and proximal to fracture
  9. Simple trauma blood loss
    less than 1500 ml into chest cavity
  10. Flail chest
    3 or more adjacent ribs that are fractured at two or more sites resulting in free floating rib segments; paradoxical motion
  11. How are penetrating chest injuries classified
    according to velocity
  12. Spider site
    red to purple in color within 2 to 8 hours after the bite (bleb or vesicle surrounded by edema)
  13. Ultimate goal of sexual abuse case
    encourage pt to gain a sense of control over his or her life
  14. Ages for eye bank donation
    ages 2-80 for transplant and 2 and up for research
  15. Who gets referred to Midwest transplant network
    neuro injury, mech ventilation, Glascow less than or = 5, call number within 1 hour of meeting the above criteria
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