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  1. Superficial thickness
    epidermis only; sunburn, pink to red, blanches, dry, minimal edema
  2. How are superficial burns healed
    3-6 days, no scarring but can peel
  3. Partial thickness
    entire epidermis and varying depths of dermis
  4. Superficial partial thickness
    good blood supply, red moist and blanch, blisters are small or large and opened and debrieded to promote healing; very painful (good), weeping surface and edema
  5. Deep partial thickness
    deeper into dermis, no blisters; red, dry with white areas in deeper parts; slow or no blanching, moderate edema, less pain because of nerve damage
  6. How to care for deep partial thickness
    cover to decrease pain, warm, stronger pain meds, frequent dressing changes, heal in 3-6 weeks with scarring
  7. Full thickness burns
    destruction of entire epidermis and dermis leaving no skin to repopulate; would doesnÂ’t regrow; requires grafting; hard dry and leathery; edema under eschar; eschar must be removed in order for healing to occur; fasciotomy
  8. Full thickness part 2
    no blanching, no sensation, surgical intervention, shock possible, healing time depends on good blood supply
  9. Caring for full thickness
    assess pulses, fluid resuscitation, kidney failure, massive fluid shift, high caloric intake
  10. Deep full thickness
    extend beyond skin into fascia and tissues; damage muscle, bone, tendons; flame electrical or checmical injuries; wound is blackened or depressed and sensation is absent, grafting and maybe amputation
  11. Treatment in all burns
    extinguish the flames, cool briefly (5 mins), no ice, remove restrictive objects, cover with clean and dry covering, irrigate chemical burns, keep them warm and dry
  12. Resuscitation formula
    4 X wt in KG X TBSA (second and third degree only)
  13. Any change in respiration pattern
    may indicate a pulmonary injury and pt might lose airway
  14. Color of skin in CO
    cherry red; CO level will drop 50% within 20 minutes of O2 use; 100 % nonrebreather
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