chapter 72

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  1. true or false the cervix is part of the uterus
  2. perineum
    area between the vaginal opening and the anus
  3. Vestibule
    a longitudinal area between the labia minora, the clitoris and the vagina that contains bartholin's glands and the openings of the urethra, skene's glands
  4. Corpus
    the body of the uterus
  5. Fundus
    the upper segment of the uterus body
  6. the uterine walls are composed of......
    3 layers: the perimetrium, myometrium, and endmetrium
  7. the outer layer of the uterine walls
  8. myometrium
    the thick middle muscle layer of the uterine wall
  9. endometrium
    • the inner mucosal layer of the uterine walls
    • the layer that is shed during menstruation
  10. ovulation marks the end of what phase
    the end of the follicular phase and the beginning of the luteal
  11. how long is the luteal phase
    always 14 days
  12. physical assessment female reproductive system
    • Breast exam
    • Abdominal Exam
    • Pelvic Exam (external genitalia, Pap) Blind swab of the cervix
    • Bimanual Exam (physical exam of vagina inside and outside)
    • Rectovaginal exam (looking for fistula between vagina and rectum
  13. what does the Pap test look for
    • it is a blind swab of the cervix
    • it is used to R/O cervical Cancer only
  14. what does the prostate gland do?
    secretes milky alkaline fluid that adds bulk to semen, enhances sperm motility and neutralizes acidic vaginal secretions
  15. assessment of male reproductive system
    external genitalia
    • inspect and palpate looking for normal development, symmetry, descended testes, blisters, lesions, discharge, tenderness and swelling
    • If Swollen the area should be transilluminated (red glow indicative of serous fluid - Yellow indicates fluid)
  16. PSA
    • used to screen and monitor Prostate Cancer
    • <4ng/ml is normal
    • Client should not ejaculate 24 hours before test and blood test should always be drawn before physical exam.
    • The physical exam will stimulate the prostate and make the blood test false high
  17. colposcopy
    • no intercourse, douche, or vaginal preps prior to exam
    • explain procedure
    • place lithotomy position, vagina an cervix visualized with speculum, cleans suspected site with NS and vinegar is applied to cervix to accentuate important features, the colposcope is used to inspect the area for abnormal cells
  18. hysteroscopy
    • endoscopic exam to visualize the interior of the uterus and cervix.
    • CO2 is used to expand the uterus
    • should be preformed 5 day after menses
  19. cervical biopsy
    • 2-5 days after menses to prevent bleeding
    • biopsy is the only true way to dx cancer
    • Endocervical Curettage (sample is scraped off) or conization (removal of cone shaped sample of tissue)
  20. what are the different types of breast biopsy
    • incisional
    • excisional
    • aspiration
  21. incisional breast biopsy
    surgical removal of tissue from breast mass
  22. excisional breast biopsy
    removes the mass for histology evaluation
  23. aspiration breast biopsy
    • the removal of fluid or tissue from the breast mass therough a large bore needle.
    • the fluid should be dark green-brown for benign cysts, if bloody suggests cancer
  24. needle biopsy of the prostate
    • to evaluate the prostate gland for cancerous cells
    • If specimen obtain transrectal pt will be given prophalytic  Abx
    • Needle Biopsy is done clockwise, many specimens are obtained to get fair representation of the whole prostate
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