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  1. Hyperparathyroid Mag and Phos Cal
    increase Cal and Mag, decreased Phos
  2. Hypoparathyroid Mag and Phos Cal
    decreased Cal and Mag, increased Phos
  3. Hyperphosphatemia
    serum phos >4.5, hypocalcemia
  4. Chronic thyroiditis
    hashimoto’s; 30s to 50s
  5. Addison’s is an insufficient amount of adrenocortical steroids which causes problems with the loss of what
  6. What mgmt. is needed for addisonian crisis
    iv glucose and kxsulate
  7. Lab test to diagnose Addison’s
    ACTH stimulation
  8. Lab test to diagnose cushing’s
    overnight dexamethasone suppression
  9. Hypothyroid diet
    low calorie, high fiber and fluids
  10. Addison’s diet
    high carbs, increase Na, decreased K
  11. Cushings
    high K, decreased Na, calories and carbs
  12. Anterior pituitary
    growth, metabolic and sexual development
  13. Vital signs hyperthyroidism
    thyroid storm high fever and severe HTN, tachycardia, GI disturbance
  14. Major sign of SIADH
    GI disturbance
  15. TSH, T3 and T4 for hypothyroidism
    Increased TSH, decreased T3 T4
  16. TSH, T3 and T4 for hyperthyroidism
    Decreased TSH, increased T3 T3
  17. Melanocyte
    anterior pituitary
  18. Best test for DI
    fluid deprivation test
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