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  1. Define motherboard?
    The printed circuit board (PCB) that lines the bottom of the computer and is often of a uniform color, such as olive, brown, or blue. It is considered the spine of the computer and its the most important component because it connects all the other components together.
  2. What does PCB stand for?
    Printed circuit board

    a conductive series of pathways laminated to a non-conductive substrate.
  3. What is a CPU?
    Central processing unit.

    It is the "brain" of the computer. It calculates data and then sends it to the RAM for temporary storage.
  4. What is RAM?
    Random access memory.

    receives data from the CPU. It is considered volaltile because the data is cleared from the RAM when the computer is turned off.
  5. what is a parallel port?
    They are older connectors normally used for printers or scanners.
  6. What is a DVI port?
    A (DVI) digital visual interface is a type of video port.
  7. What is a 1/4-inch TRS?
    It is a larger connector used for instrument cables or full-size stereo connections.
  8. what is a PCI slot?
    it is an older expansion bus that can accept video cards but they have no particular designation.
  9. what is an AGP slot?
    they work with video cards but the cards are normally numbered as 1x, 2x, 4x, and 8x.
  10. what is PCI-X used for?
    it is mostly used in servers, for example, with network adapters.
  11. what is EEPROM?
    it is a type of ROM chip on which the BIOS might reside.
  12. what is BIOS?
    basic input output system. it is also known as firmware.
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