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  1. Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, aka V.I. Lenin
    • Arrested and exiled in Russia in the 1890s
    • Joins the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party ( bring together all those interested in socialism for Russia)
    • Argued for a vanguard party
    • Lenin�s point of view followers won by a narrow margin after known as Bolsheviks, meaning the majority.
    • 1912, Lenin split the RSDLP and formed a separate socialist party called the Bolsheviks
  2. What Is To Be Done? (1902)
    Lenin argues vanguard party of professional revolutionaries rather than a large organization dedicated to a slower path of preparing for revolution in this pamphlet
  3. Tsar Nicholas II
    Jailed and executed
  4. Bolsheviks � the vanguard party
    The October Revolution party comes into power under Lenin
  5. Peace! Land! Bread!
    • The slogan for rallying the people and organizing revolutionary activity
    • Bread-foor for the working class
  6. Imperialism, The Highest Stage of Capitalism (1916)
    • Perhaps the poorest countries could even lead the way � Lenin wrote about this in this.
    • First published 1917
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