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  1. What is the main purpose of cartilage ?
    • Bone development
    • Support for soft tissues
    • sliding area for joints
  2. What are the three types of Cartilage ?
    • hyaline 
    • Elastic 
    • Fibrocartilage
  3. What are chondroblasts ? What are chondrocytes ?
    They produce and maintain the cartilaginous matrix, which consists mainly of collagen and proteoglycans.

    Chondrocytes are Chondroblasts enclosed within bone/cartilage.
  4. What Type of Collagen is prevalent in the following ?
    • Hyaline = Type II
    • Elastic = Type II
    • Fibrocartilage = Type I
  5. Does cartilage have blood vessels,lymphatics ,or nerves ?
    No , they get nutrient flow from perichondrium or synovial fluid in the pericardium.
  6. What is perichondrium ?
    It is a C.T. that provides vascular supply to cartilage , except for Articular cartilage that is devoid of perichondrium.
  7. What is the difference between fibroblasts and chondroblast ?
    Fibroblasts are responsible for synthesizing extracellular matrix components, - ground substances and collagen. Chondroblasts are responsible for synthesis of cartilage.
  8. What is hyaline Cartilage ?
    It is a Type II collagen having C.T. It is bluish translucent. It is a temporary embryo skeleton .
  9. Where do you find Hyaline Cartilage ?
    end of ribs , trachea , nose , larynx , epiphyseal plate
  10. What makes up the Matrix ?
    It is 40% of the dry weight of the Catilage. It is made of Type II
  11. Where can you find proteoglycans and what does it make ?
    It can be found in the Cartilage Matrix , it is made of Chondroitin-4-Sulfate and Chondroitin-6-Sulfate , Keratin Sulfate. All covalently linked to core proteins
  12. What makes the Territorial Matrix ?
    Glycosaminoglycan , Collagen poor , and Intense Basophilia
  13. What makes up the Interterritorial Matrix ?
    Chondronectin -which adheres chondrocytes to the matrix
  14. Can Chondrocytes produce proteoglycan and collagen at the same time ?
  15. What is Mesenchyme tissue ?
    It is the precursor for all types of C.T. tissue.
  16. How is interstitial and appositional growth in Hyaline Cartilage ?
    Interstitial growth is done by preexisting Chondrocytes 

    Appositional growth is by perichondrial cells
  17. How does Hyaline cartilage deal with Regeneration as opposed to growth ?
    It is very poor , any growth can be attributed to perichondrial activity. It will replace cartilage with Dense cartilage tissue.
  18. What type of ailment can Dense scar tissue cause ?
  19. Where can Elastic cartilage be found ?
    Ears , walls of auditory canals , epiglottis
  20. What is Elastic cartilage composed of ?
    Mostly Type II collagen  , but it also has more elastic fibers compared to Hyaline Cartilage.
  21. What does Elastic cartilage stain well with ?
  22. Is fibrocartilage acidophilic or basophilic ?
    Acidophilic because of the Type I collagen.
  23. Where can you find fibrocartilage ?
    It can be found symphysis pubis and intervertebral disks , always associated with dense C.T.
  24. Do fibrocartilage have have a little or alot of Chondrocytes ?
    a little
  25. What type of bone pattern does the Fibrocartilage have ? Does fibrocartilage have perichondrium ?
    Herring bone (Rectangular squares )

    No fibrocartilage does not exist
  26. Diagnose this picture ?Image Upload
  27. Diagnose this picture ?Image Upload
    • Hyaline Cartilage 
    • Dense Connective Tissue (DCT)
  28. Diagnose this picture ?Image Upload
    Hyaline Cartilage
  29. Diagnose this picture ?Image Upload
    Isogenous group
  30. Diagnose this picture ?
    Image Upload
    Image Upload
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