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  1. superior
    a part is above another part
  2. inferior
    a part is below another part
  3. anterior
    means toward the front (ventral)
  4. posterior
    means toward the back (dorsal)
  5. medial
    if the part is closer to the midline of the body than the other part
  6. lateral
    the part is toward the side more than toward the midline of the body
  7. ipsilateral
    refers to one side of the body both parts are on
  8. contralateral
    refers to the part being on opposite sides of the body
  9. proximal
    refers to the distance being closer to something than another part
  10. distal
    refers to the distance being farther than the trunk of the body from another part
  11. superficial
    near the surface
  12. deep
    further than the surface
  13. sagittal
    length wise cut. separates right and left halves
  14. frontal
    middle cut that makes front and back parts
  15. transverse
    cut that divides into upper and lower halves
  16. oblique
    cut that diagonally cuts into 2 halves
  17. cross
    cut that is straight across into 2 halves
  18. longitudinal
    cut that is straight down the middle
  19. Right Hypochondriac
    location: far Right Upper Quadrant
  20. Epigastric
    location: upper middle
  21. left hypochondriac
    location: far left upper quadrant
  22. lumbar
    location; far right middle
  23. umbilical
    location. middle middle section
  24. left lumbar
    location; far left middle
  25. right illac
    location; far right lower quadrant
  26. hypogastric
    location; lower middle section
  27. left illac
    location; far left lower quadrant
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