Old Testament Survey final

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  1. Joseph's reunion with his brothers reveals
    God's sovereignty
  2. The book of Numbers relates that at Mt. Sinai
    God prepared Israel to inherit Canaan.
  3. Apocrypha means
    not in the canon
  4. This book is part of the minor Prophets.
  5. Which of Noah's sons is an ancestor of Jesus?
  6. Jacob's greatest weakness was
  7. which offering atoned for unintentional sin and showed complete surrender to God?
    Burnt offering
  8. Moses's second speech in Deut. centered on
    the concept of covenant.
  9. Shema means
    to hear
  10. Moses's farewell speech included
    the commissioning of Joshua to be Israel's leader.
  11. Naomi literally means
  12. Which King helped to kill Zechariah, son of Jehoiada?
  13. The last four chapters of Ezra describe
    Ezra's journey and work
  14. The Author of Joshua is
  15. David learned of the benefits of iron from
    the philistines
  16. Psalm 42-72 parallel the book of
  17. Ecclesiastes name is based on
    one who calls people together and talks to them
  18. Which ot book is quoted most in the new testament?
  19. psalms 73-89 parallel
  20. Exuberant praise to the Lord is in
  21. who wrote 10 books about the songs of songs?
  22. amos name means
    burden bearer
  23. hosea's name means
    the Lord saves
  24. What major argument is there that Isaiah is the author of Isaiah?
    Jesus's indication of one author for Isaiah.
  25. The "song" of the suffering servant is in
    Isaiah 52
  26. IN Micah 6:8, the prophet summarizes his message about
    mercy and judgement
  27. the reminder that the righteous will live by his faith in Habakkuk was part of God's promise to
    judge Babylon later for its wickedness
  28. Zephaniah's name means
    the Lord hides
  29. Zephaniah affirmed that
    God would rejoice over His people.
  30. Obadiah foretold God's judgment on Edom because of their
    pride and treatment of Isreal
  31. the last prophet to Judah before  the nation's fall was
  32. Ezekiel's name means
    God strengthens
  33. themes of Ezekiel are
    God's judgment on Judah, and encouragement of the captives
  34. the primary theme of Daniel is
    divine soverignty
  35. in Daniel's vision media-Persia is represented  by
    the chest of silver and the bear
  36. Daniel nine describes Daniel's vision of
    the seventy 7s
  37. who was the governor of Judah during the time of haggai?
  38. Haggai's fourth message emphasized that
    the Day of the Lord will exalt the godly.
  39. Habakkuk emphasized the themes of
    God's judgment of sin in HIs time and living by faith
  40. Daniel was deported to Babylon in
    605 B.C.
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