soc chapter 1

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  1. what is the study of people "doing things together" because neither the individual nor society exist independently of one another
  2. a group of people who shape their lives in patterned ways that distinguish their group from other groups
  3. who was a german philosopher and political activist
    karl marx
  4. who contributed to the sociology's conflict theory
    karl marx
  5. what is a sense of disorientation upon entering a new enviornment
    culture shock
  6. what are behaviors that seem typical in one society or culture may seem very strange in another context
    culture shock
  7. capitalism was creating what between the bourgeoisie and proletariat
    social inequality
  8. what class was the ones who owned means of production
  9. what class was the ones who were the workers
  10. who was the first great English-speaking sociologist
    Herbert Spencer
  11. who adopted Charles Darwin theory of natural selection and applied the theory to human society, explaining social behavior
    herbert spencer
  12. inequality leads to this which is the reconition of social inequality on the part of the oppressed
    class conflict
  13. what is the sense of dissatisfaction the modern worker feels as a result of producing goods that are owned and controlled by someone else
  14. a quality of the mind that allows us to understand the relationship between our particular situation in life and what is happening at a social level
    sociological imagination
  15. what is a propositions that explain the social world and help to make predictions about future events
  16. theories are also sometimes refered to as
    approaches, schools of thought, paradigms, or perspectives
  17. what theory deals with individuals and groups within society have different amounts of material and non material resources (rich v poor)
    conflict theory
  18. what theory has the more powerful groups use their power in order to exploit groups with less power
    conflict theory
  19. what theory has the two methods of exploitation are through bruit force and economics
    conflict theory
  20. who was the sociologist associated with structural functionalism
    Emile Durkheim
  21. what theory has society viewed as an ordered system of interrelated parts, or structures, which are the social institutions that make up society
    structural functionalism
  22. what theory has each of these different structures meets the needs of society by performing specific functions for the whole system
    structural functionalism
  23. what theory states that in order for social life to survive and develop in society there are activities that need to be carried out to ensure that certian needs are fullfilled
    structural functionalism
  24. what theory has individuals produce nesessary goods and service in various institutions and roles that correlate with the norms of society
    structural functionalism
  25. what theory is based the way society is organized is the most natural and efficient way for it to be organized
    structural functionalism
  26. what theory has both human development and the meanings we assign to every day objects and events are fundamentally processes
    symbolic interactionism
  27. what theory require the interaction of multiple individuals
    symbolic interactionism
  28. what theory critical to the development of self and society is language, the means by which we communicate with each other
    symbolic interactionism
  29. what theory has face to face interaction that is the building block of everything, we create a meaningful social reality
    symbolic interactionism
  30. what theory we act toward things on the basis of their meanings
    symbolic ineractionism
  31. what theory uses symbols
    symbolic interactionism
  32. what theory looks at both gender inequalities in society and the way that gender structures the social world and considers remedies to these inequalities
    feminist theory
  33. what theory analyzes the status of women and men in society to better womens lives
    feminist theory
  34. what theory looks at the difference between woman including how race, class, ethnicity, and age intersect with gender
    feminist theory
  35. what theory gives a voice to women and highlights the various ways women have contributed to society
    feminist theory
  36. what are the four main types of feminist theory
    gender differences, gender inequality, gender oppression, and structural oppression
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