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  1. 3-2        Palette of King Narmer Egyptian, Predynastic, slate relief.
  2. 3-4        Imhotep: Stepped Pyramid of King Zoser, Saqqara, Egyptian, Old Kingdom Dynasties.
  3. 3-11      Seated Figure of Khafra, Egyptian, Old Kingdom Dynasties, diorite.
  4. 3-12      Menkaura and Queen, Egyptian, Egyptian, Old Kingdom Dynasties, slate.
  5. 3-14      Ti Watching a Hippopotamus Hunt, Old Kingdom, Egyptian, painted limestone relief sculpture.
  6. 3-19      Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Egyptian, New Kingdom Dynasties.
  7. 3-22      Temple of Rameses II at Abu Simbel (now relocated), Egyptian, New Kingdom Dynasties.
  8. 3-31      Queen Nefertiti, from Tell el-Amarna, Egyptian, New Kingdom Dynasties, (Amarna Period), painted limestone
  9. 3-37      Last Judgment of Hu-Nefer, from tomb at Thebes, Egyptian, New Kingdom Dynasties, painted papyrus scroll.
  10. 3-34      Innermost Sarcophagus of Tutankhamun, Egyptian, New Kingdom, gold inlaid with enamel and semi-precious stones
  11. 4-2        Female Figurine, Aegean Cultures, Cycladic, marble.
  12. 4-3        Male Lyre Player, from Keros, Aegean Cultures, Cycladic, marble.
  13. 4-6        Reconstructed Stairwell, Residential Quarter, Knossos, Aegean Cultures, Minoan.
  14. 4-8        Bull-Leaping (Toreador Fresco), from Palace at Knossos, Aegean Cultures, Minoan.
  15. 4-11      Marine Style Octopus Jar, Aegean Cultures, Minoan
  16. 4-14      Harvester Vase, from Hagia Triada, Aegean Cultures, Minoan, steatite.
  17. 4-12      So-called Snake Goddess, from Knossos, Aegean Cultures, Minoan, faience.
  18. 4-16      Corbeled Gallery in Walls, Tiryns, Aegean Cultures, Mycenaean.
  19. 4-22      Funerary Mask, Mycenae, Aegean Cultures, Mycenaean, beatengold.

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