Chapter 20 Notes

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  1. Practice of favoring native born citizens over immigrants
  2. Opposition to political and economic entanglements with other countries
  3. An economic system in which everything is owned and controlled by the government
  4. German political philosopher and economist whose theories and laid the bases for the political-economic system called communism
    Karl Marx
  5. Period in American history after WWI when Americans were afraid of communism, socialism, or other so called extreme ideas
    Red Scare
  6. Revolutionary leader in Russia who established a communist government in 1917
    Vladlmir Lenin
  7. In November 19th, Lenin’s followers overthrew Russia’s government and established a communist state
    Bolshevik Revolution
  8. Attorney General of the U.S. with political ambitions combined with a genuine fear of communist threat
    Mitchel Palmer
  9. An antiradical division to raid organizations suspected of so-called radical activity
    Palmer Raids
  10. People who oppose all forms of government
  11. Criminal trial of 2 Italian immigrants who were well-known anarchists that were convicted of circumstantial evidence and sentences to die
    Saco-Vanzetti Trial
  12. Foreigners coming into the U.S. from southern and eastern European countries such as Italy, Poland, and Russia.
    New Immigrants
  13. White Supremacist organization created to restore white Protestants to a dominant place in American society and to halt moral decline
    Ku Klux Klan (KKK)
  14. Grand/Imperial Wizard of the KKK during the 1920’s
    Hiram Evans

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