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  1. 10 components of a business plan
    • executive summary
    • table of contents
    • description of business
    • products/services
    • marketing plan
    • operations and management
    • financial plan
    • conclusion
    • appendices - supporting documents
    • references
  2. what are the basics included in the executive summary
    • what is the service
    • who are your customers
    • who are you
    • what do you think the future will look like in relation to you proposal

    clearly state money needed
  3. what is included in the description of business/products & service
    • justification of need
    • mission and vision statements
    • legal structure
    • location anaylsis
  4. what is included in the marketing plan
    • SWOT analysis
    • target market
    • expected demand
    • competitor analysis
  5. what are some reasons to market the service
    • create awareness
    • create a positive attitude toward your service
    • inform
    • gain trial
    • secure repeat behavior
  6. what is included in the operations & management section of a business plan
    • resources needed
    • roles & responsibilities
    • address clinical, regulatory and quality requirements (very specific)
  7. what is the conclusion based on for a business plan
    • unbiased and based on the SWOT analysis
    • Strengths
    • Weakness'
    • Opportunities
    • Threats
  8. a process which brings together resources and unites them in such a way that, collectively, they achieve goals or objectives in the most efficient manner possible
    management - tootelian  & gaederke
  9. 6 strategies to better manage you time
    • focus
    • organization
    • planning
    • systems
    • delegation
    • rituals
  10. what do you need to align for time management
    priorities and activities
  11. 3 barriers to TM
    • technical errors - poor planning
    • external realities - illness
    • psychological obstacles - mental block, fear of structure
  12. what needs to be included in your "to do list" for planning time management
    tasks not goals
  13. what are 3 factors to consider when leading others
    • characteristics - temperaments
    • task type - legal to give to a tech
    • YOUR characteristics - team type, leadership style and sources of power
  14. 2 types of meetings
    • informational
    • decision-making
  15. describe an informational meeting
    • to advise, update or "sell" ideas
    • can be a large number of attendees
    • run in more of an authoritative way
    • emphasis is on content
  16. describe a decision-making meeting
    • goal setting
    • problem solving
    • 12 or fewer people
    • run in more participative manner
    • focus on interaction and problem solving
  17. what are the 4 key roles to running an effective meeting
    • leader - calls meeting, sets agenda
    • time keeper -
    • facilitator - ensures attendees participate, remains neutral, works to minimize groupthink or polarization
    • scribe/note taker - keep minutes built off of agenda of most important decisions made
  18. 3 main purposes of Nominal group technique
    • to organize more productive meetings
    • to help generate alternatives and choose among them
    • to balance and increase participation and reduce errors in group decisions
  19. 6 how to's of nominal group technique
    • 1. silent generation of ideas in writing
    • 2. recorded round robin listing of ideas on chart w/o discussion
    • 3. discussion and clarification of each idea on chart
    • 4. preliminary vote on priorities
    • 5. discussion of preliminary vote
    • 6. final vote on priorities
  20. what is groupthink
    a way of thinking by members of a group where pressures for consensus overwhelm members' motivation to really analyze and evaluate all alternatives/ solutions to a problem

    pros and cons aren't weighed, don't evaluate all of their options

    typically results in a bad decision
  21. when is groupthink more likely to occur
    when a tight-knit, homogeneous group is more concerned about maintaining harmony
  22. what is group polarization
    when a member of a group shift their opinions to a more extreme stance from where they were originally with their own private set of beliefs
  23. 3 ways to minimize groupthink or polarization as a leader
    • be impartial as a leader
    • as leader, describe the problem, rather than recommending a solution
    • in you want your ideas to matter most, use an autocratic approach to get "buy-in"
  24. 4 ways to minimize groupthink or polarization and prevent consensus from occurring too early
    • establish independent groups to work
    • play "devils advocate"
    • ask everyone to express doubts
    • identify and question early assumptions
  25. brief explanation of collaboration
    highly assertive and cooperative approach to gain a consensual decision
  26. time management strategy of FOCUS
    plan in accordance with your priorities
  27. time management strategy of organization
    organize things you use to make them easily useable
  28. time management of planning
    think ahead about what you need and plan the time necessary (to do list)
  29. time management strategy of systems
    establish processes that work for you and are efficietn
  30. time management strategy of delegation
    • surround yourself with the best people
    • delegate authority
    • don't interfere
  31. time management strategy of rituals
    • do what is most important first
    • do most important work when you are at best
    • take breaks when you can
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