Lifespan development

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Lifespan development
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lifespan development

Lifespan Development
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  1. Germinal Phase lasts how long?
    First 14 days (before missed period)
  2. What is something important that happens during the Germinal Phase?
    • zygote travels down Fallopian tube, cell division
    • Key: implantation, blastocyst
  3. What percentage of natural conceptions fail to implant? Compared to vitro procedure implants?
    • 60% for natural
    • 70% for implant procedures
  4. How long does the Embryo phase last?
    3-8 weeks (up to 2 months)
  5. What are some key things that develop during the Embryonic stage?
    • 22 days thin line becomes neural tube¬†
    • 4th week- head takes shape, heart begins with a minuscule blood vessel that begins to pulsate
    • 5th week- arms and legs buds appear, tail from spine
    • 8th week- head more rounded; face formed and all basic organs and body parts (but sex) is present
  6. How long is the Fetus Phase?
    9 weeks to birth (end of first and all of 2nd and 3rd)
  7. What important things develope during the fetus phase?
    • 3rd Month- sex organs fully shaped by 12th week
    • all body parts present
    • Fetus Can move and weighs 3 ounces and is 2 inch long
  8. Preparing to survive Month 4-6 key importance?
    • Heartbeat stronger
    • Digestive and excretory systems
    • brain growth
    • new neurons develop (neurogenesis)
    • Synapses- connection between neurons (synaptogenesis)
  9. Final 3 Months:
    • Maturation of the respriatory and cardiovascular systems¬†
    • Gains weight
  10. Name some complications with pregnancy?
    Tertogens, timing: consider critical periods, Amount: exposure to multiple teratgens, Genetics: Nature/ Nurture interactions