MUSED Quiz 2

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  1. billings published the new england psalm singer of the american chorister
  2. 1st performances of the messiah in am
  3. earliest singing society is established "Orpheus Club" - Philidelphia
  4. Vocal music instituted into school day (edu whole person)
  5. 1st community orchestra formed (supplements music of church)
  6. mathews writes earliest music textbook "How to understand music"
  7. NY philharmonic established as oldest orchestra in am
  8. william billings, am's first composer is born
  9. town bands are beginning to develop
  10. boston academy of music is organized
  11. lowell mason born
  12. Pestalozzi practices (7)
    • sound before sight
    • lead child to observe
    • teach one concept at a time
    • practice each step, master, move on
    • give principles and theory after practice
    • analyze and practice elements to apply to music (speak words)
    • have names of notes correspond to those used in instrumental music
  13. horace mann (1796-1859)
    • father of common school mvmt
    • father of the am public school edu and first edu for state of massachusets
  14. catharine beecher (1800-1878)
    • supporter of edu rights for women
    • wrote first am book to discuss aspects of domestic life
    • advocate of kindergarten
  15. luther mason  (1818-1896)
    • translated am songs into japaneese
    • sound before sight, similar to the way in which children learn a language.
    • simplified music reading by using tonic sol-fa and the movable do sys (which John Curwen would later further develop) before introducing
    • traditional music notation in later volumes of his method books.
    • Since there were not many music teachers to teach his approach, his methods were largely
    • unsuccessful at improving note reading.
  16. patrick gilmore (1829-1892)
    • father of am concert band
    • composed when johhny comes marching home
  17. john lancaster (1778-1838)
    peer tutoring (main form before pestalozzi), harsh punishments
  18. friedrich froebel (1782-1852)
    • student of pestalozzi
    • students teach teacher also
    • wanted more natural ways of teaching
    • founder of kindergarten
    • creativity
  19. george loomis (1833-1887)
    • recommend by mason to teach at a school
    • METHODS BOOKS to help teach kids

    • wrote books containing unison songs and rounds written in traditional notation for the improvement of students’ music reading ability.
    • He served as the first superintendent of music
    • in Indianapolis, Indiana as well as a charter member of the Indiana Music Teachers Association.
    • created/published a series of music lessons
    • entitled Loomis’ Progressive Music Lessons after teaching for years without any resources or materials.
  20. theodore thomas (1835-1905)
    chicago symphony Orchestra
  21. john dewy (1859-1952)
    • emphasis on student learning
    • president of APA who promoted changes concerting curriculum devel into the school sys
  22. web dubois (1868-1963)
    • = rights for everyone
    • black reconstruction
    • co founder NAACP
    • 1st af am to get a phd from harvard
  23. albert g. mitchell
    • pioneered public school string edu in am
    • developed a chin rest to assist students instrument posture
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