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  1. definition of management
    a process which brings together resources and unites them in such a way that, collectively, they achieve goals of objectives in the most efficient manner possible
  2. 4 activities that managers perform
    • plan
    • organize
    • lead
    • control
  3. 3 levels at which managers make decisions
    • individual
    • interpersonal
    • organizational
  4. 5 resources that managers need
    • money
    • people time
    • materials
    • info
  5. an activity to make well-informed decisions in advance
  6. an activity to develop and maintain intentional patterns of relationships among people and other resources (includes staffing)
  7. an activity to channel the behavior of all personnel to accomplish the organization's strategic plan while simultaneously helping them accomplish their own career objectives
    leading (aka directing)
  8. an activity to review and regulate activities in accordance with set plans
    controlling (aka evaluating)
  9. "managing up"
    deliberate effort to bring understanding and cooperation to the boss/employee relationship
  10. 5 ways to manage up
    • 1. do your best to understand your boss's perspective, agenda, preferences
    • 2. communicate 2-way in a way convenient for your boss (ask what works best)
    • 3. when identifying problems - offer solutions
    • 4. use boss's strengths and yours, recognize weaknesses (both of yours)
    • 5. request feedback and accept it
  11. 4 ways to handle a difficult boss
    • detect
    • detach
    • depersonalize
    • deal
  12. 5 parameters of marketing
    • 1. a process of problem solving
    • 2. identifying and meeting the needs of customers
    • 3. exchanging something of value
    • 4. satisfying needs and wants
    • 5. planning and executing: pricing, promotion, distributing of ideas, goods & services
  13. 4 key elements of marketing
    • 1. exchange
    • 2. value
    • 3. needs, wants and demands
    • 4. markets
  14. def of exchange
    obtaining a desired product by offering something in return
  15. def of value
    • customer's perceptions
    • costs versus benefits
  16. 3 assumptions about value
    • 1. we want the highest level of satisfaction, and satisfaction is affected by expectations
    • 2. we want the best we can afford
    • 3. perceived value affects choice
  17. def of needs
    basic, required for safety and well-being
  18. def of wants
    not needed to survive, shaped by our culture, advertising
  19. def of demands
    wants + buying power "willingness to pay"
  20. 5 key priorities of marketing
    • 1. identify new opportunities
    • 2. develop new products
    • 3. attract customers
    • 4. retain customers and build loyalty
    • 5. fulfill orders (provide the goods and services)
  21. 4-5 P's of the marketing mix
    • 1. price
    • 2. place
    • 3. promotion
    • 4. product
    • 5. positioning
  22. def of price
    the appropriate charge for a product or service
  23. def of place in the marketing mix
    • channels of distribution
    • manufacturers --> wholesalers-->pharmacies-->customers
  24. def of promotion
    • strategy to help customers move from awareness to repeat purchasing of your products.
    • advertising, sales promotions, personal selling, public relations/publicity
  25. def of market positioning of the marketing mix
    arranging for a (service) product or organization to occupy a clear, distinctive and desirable place in the minds of individuals in you target market
  26. def of market position in the marketing mix
    the place the product or organization occupies in the customer's mind in relation to competing products or organizations
  27. actual market
    current customers
  28. potential market
    those who have a real or unrealized interest in your product and the means to acquire it
  29. target market
    those in the potential customer market who are most attractive to you as a marketer
  30. market segmentation
    the act or process of dividing a market into distinct groups of pts who may desire and/or require different types of services
  31. 6 variables for market segmentation
    • geographic
    • demographic
    • psychographic
    • behavior
    • cognitive
    • health
  32. 3 parameters to decide of a segment is worthwhile to target
    • measurability
    • substantiality
    • accessibility
  33. def of measurability
    the degree to which size, purchasing power and profile of resulting segments can be measured
  34. def of substantiality
    the degree to which the segments are large enough to be worth pursuing
  35. def of accessibility
    the degree to which segments can be reached and served effectively
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