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  1. what are the three sections to the foot?
    Phalanges (toes), metatarsals (ball of the foot), tarsals (from the arch to the heel of the foot)
  2. what is the heel bone called?
    The calcaneus
  3. Name the tarsal bones?
    Medial, intermediate and lateral cuneiform, calcaneus, cuboid, talus, navicular
  4. What is another name for the big toe?
    Hallux (great toe)
  5. Name the three different phalanges from outer to inner?
    Distal (away), middle, and proximal (towards)
  6. What are the medial and lateral ligaments in the ankle joint called that maintains arches?
    Medial (deltoid) ligament, anterior talofibular ligament
  7. What are the three important arches of the foot?
    Medial and lateral longitudinal arch, transverse arch
  8. which arch interlocks the talus or naviculus?
    The medial longitudinal arch
  9. Which arch interlocks the cuboid?
    The lateral longitudinal arch
  10. What is supination and pronation?
    2.Supination rolling out on the foot and pronation is rolling in on the foot.
  11. How many bones, joints, intrinsic and extrinsic muscles does the foot have?
    2.Bones 26, joints 31, intrinsic muscles 20, extrinsic muscles 7
  12. What are the Latin names for toes?
    2.Hallux (great toe), digitorum (middles toes), Digiti minimi
  13. Superior
    toward the head or the upper part; above
  14. Inferior
    away from the head lower part; below
  15. Anterior (ventral)
    toward the front of the body; in front of
  16. Posterior
    towards the back of the body; in back of
  17. Medial
    toward the midline of the body; on the inner side of
  18. Lateral
    away from the midline of the body; on the outer side of
  19. Proximal
    closer to the body
  20. Distal
    away from the body
  21. Superficial (external)
    toward or at the surface of the body
  22. Deep (internal)
    away from the surface of the body; internal
  23. Ipsilateral
    on the same side
  24. Contralateral
    on opposite sides
  25. Unilateral
    one side
  26. Bilateral
    both sides
  27. Symmetrical
    matching bilateral movements
  28. Asymmetrical
    non matching bilateral movements
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