French Chapter 8

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  1. se réveiller
    to wake up
  2. se lever
    to get up
  3. se coucher
    to go to bed
  4. s'appeler
    to be called
  5. se maquiller
    to make up
  6. se peigner
    to comb
  7. se brosser
    to brush
  8. s'essuyer
    to wipe
  9. se laver
    to wash
  10. se raser
    to shave
  11. s'habiller
    to dress oneself
  12. s'amuser
    to have fun
  13. se dépêcher
    to hurry
  14. se détendre
    to relax
  15. s'endormir
    to fall asleep
  16. se promener
    to take a walk
  17. se sentir
    to feel
  18. se trouver
    to be located
  19. s'ennuyer
    to be/get bored
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