NUR1010, chapter 1, T+W, history, organizations...

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  1. ANA
    • American Nurse Association
    • Canadian Nurse Association

    • Official professional organization for nurses in their countries
    • Establishing standards of nursing to establish high quality care
    • update standards
    • Politics, track health care legislation,
    • Liaison with government' publishing educational materials
  2. NLN
    • National League of Nursing
    • First nursing organization with a goal to establish and maintain a universal standard of education
    • Sets standards for all types of nursing programs
    • Lobbies with other healthcare organizations
    • Funds research on nursing education
    • publishes "Nursing Education Perspectives"
  3. ICN
    • International Council of nursing
    • Represents nursing on a global level
    • Composed of federation of national nursing organizations of 1w0 nations
    • Ensure quality health service for all
    • Supports global health policies,
    • improve. Worldwide health
    • improve working conditions
  4. NSNA
    • National student nurses association represents nursing student in the USA
    • Elected volunteer who advocate on behalf of student nurses
    • Publishes "image"
  5. STTI
    • Sigma Theta Tau International
    • International honor society for nursing
    • goal: foster nursing scholarship, leadership and research
  6. Direct care vs. indirect care
    Direct care= personal interaction between nurse and clients e.g. giving meds

    Indirect care=when they work on behalf of the client e.g. restocking meds
  7. Purposes of nursing care
    • Health promotion: health = a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity
    • Illness prevention: avoidance of disease, infection and other comorbidities, decrease the risk and exposure
    • Health restoration: return to health for those already ill
    • End of life care: promoting the respectful care for those who are terminally ill or dying
    • Promote comfort, maintain quality of life, provide spiritual care, ease the emotional burden of death
  8. QSEN
    • Quality and safety education for nurses project and the IOM Institute of medicine have identified safety competencies:
    • Patient centered care
    • Teamwork and collaboration
    • Evidence based practice
    • Quality improvement
    • Safety
    • informatics
  9. Trends in society
    • Trends in economy, growing number of older adults
    • Increased consumer knowledge
    • legislation
    • Women's movement
    • Collective bargaigning
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