cranial and facial bones

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  1. -butterfly shaped
    -extends completely across the floor of the middle cranial fossa
    -forms the majority of the base of the skull and articulates with the occipital, temporal, parietal, frontal, and ethmoid bones
    -main parts are the body, lesser wings (2), and greater wings (2)
    sphenoid bone
  2. -located within the body of the sphenoid bone
    -houses the hypophysis (pituitary gland)
    sella turcica
  3. directly below the sella turcica are two air-filled cavities
    sphenoid sinuses
  4. the anterior portion of the sella turcica is formed by the ... and the posterior portion by the ...
    tuberculum sellae and dorsum sellae
  5. the dorsum sellae gives rise to the
    posterior clinoid process
  6. the triangular-shaped lesser wings attach to the superior aspect of the body and form two sharp points called ..., which along with the posterior clinoid processes, serve as attachment sites for the tentorium cerebelli
    anterior clinoid processes
  7. completely contained within the lesser wing and provides passage of the optic nerve and ophthalmic artery
    optic canal
  8. the optic canal is separated from the superior orbital fissure by a bony root termed the
    optic strut
  9. triangular-shaped opening located between the lesser and greater wings that allows for the transmission of the oculomotor, trochlear, abducens, and ophthalmic division of trigeminal nerves, as well as the superior ophthalmic vein
    superior orbital fissure
  10. the greater wings extend laterally from the sides of the body and contain three paired foramina through which nerves and blood vessels course
    rotundum, ovale, and spinosum
  11. -extending from the inferior surface of each greater wing is a ..., which is divided into medial and lateral pterygoid plates
    -articulate with the palatine bones and vomer to form part of the nasal cavity
    pterygoid process
  12. serve as attachment sites for the pterygoid muscles used in movements of the lower jaw
    pterygoid plates
  13. -the medial section of the pterygoid plates in longer and has a hook-shaped projection on its inferior end termed the
    -provides an anchor for gliding motion for the muscle responsible for opening the Eustachian tube
    pterygoid hamulus
  14. at the base of the pterygoid process is the ..., an opening for the passage of the petrosal nerve
    pterygoid (vidian) canal
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