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  1. a midline sagittal plane is a
    midsagittal plane
  2. a plane that intersects the orbits of both eyes and the brain but does not pass through the tongue us a
    transverse plane
  3. in anatomic position the
    antecubital region is on the ventral surface
  4. which one of the following is not correctly matched with its definition
    proximal-away from the point of attachment
  5. when a surgeon makes an incision to perform an appendectomy, the scapel cuts through the layers of skin, subcutaneous tissue, and skin from
    superficial to deep
  6. the brain is located in the
    dorsal body cavity
  7. the ventral body cavity is divided into the
    thoracic cavity and abdominopelvic cavity
  8. the axial portion of the body includes all of the following except the
  9. Jacob fractured his tibia, a bone in the crural region. this is
    distal to the thigh
  10. the gluteal region is
    inferior to the lumbar region
  11. the primary visual cortex is located in the
    occipital lobe
  12. what is the function of the hippocampus
  13. the temporal lobe of the brain is associated with
  14. the cribiform plate is part of which cranial bone
  15. the lower portion of the bony nasal septum is formed by which facial bone
    palatine bone
  16. the zygomatic arch is formed by which two bones
    zygoma and temporal bone
  17. which of the following are structures of the inner ear
    semicircular canals, cochlea, and vestibule
  18. which of the following is not a muscle of the eye
    lateral oblique
  19. the vertical portion of the mandible is termed the
  20. which of the following muscles of mastication acts to close the jaw
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