Korea and Vietnam

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  1. What U.S. General was given the job to rebuild Japan?
    Douglas MacArthur
  2. Who led the Chinese communist party for most of the 20th century?
    Mao Zedong
  3. Who became leader after Mao Zedong died?
    Deng Xiaoping
  4. What happened to Zedong's supporters after the Nationalist Republic Of China was formed?
    They were attacked and many were killed.
  5. what kind of government was form for Japan by MacArthur?
    A constitutional monarchy
  6. Why was the Great Leap Forward unsuccessful?
    The farmers wanted to be able to work for themselves and make a profit.
  7. After the Japan's new government was formed what was the role of emperor?
    It was purely ceremonial.
  8. What was the Cultural Revolution?
    When Mao Zedong tried to eliminate anyone who criticized the government.
  9. What is Japan's parliament called?
    The Diet
  10. What happened in Tiananmen Square?
    People protested against the government. Then the government sent in tanks a killed many protesters.
  11. What was one of The Soviet Union's biggest goal after World War 2?
    to make sure that they would never be attacked again by western European countries.
  12. What was the disagreement between the US and the Soviet Union called?
    The Cold War
  13. At the end of World War 2 what did the Soviet Union control?
    North Korea
  14. At the end of World War 2, what did the US control?
    South Korea
  15. The Mekong River flows...
    north to south
  16. When one country becomes communist the fear that other countries would quickly become communist is..
    The Domino Theory
  17. what was the US' fear about Korea and Vietnam?
    That they would become communist
  18. Where is Korea divided?
    At the 38th parallel
  19. What kind of government does North Korea and South Korea have?
    • North Korea- communist government
    • South Korea - democratic government
  20. Who was Mao Zedong?
    A communist party leader in China?
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