Medieval Art 9th Century

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    St. Riquier, Centula, France, 790-99  (destroyed)

    Church was built as part of a monistary.  This abbot was a friend of Charlomain.  This is one of the first examples of a double ended solution.  Towers were probably built out of wood.  There is no vaulting yet.  On the west side there was a chapel on the 2nd floor and it would have looked down into the nave on the 1st floor.  The chapel held a throne overlooking everything.  Very monumental look.  Lots of "westwork".  Very typical carolingian.  This was a "copy" of old St. Peters.
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    Palace and Palantine Chapel, Aachen, ca. 790-805  Architect: Odo of Metz

    This is Charlamain's complex.  There was a big horse statue up the front.  This was imitating the Papal Palace.  This palace had the roman idea of an audience hall.  This palace separated the royalty from the common people by using elevated walkways that raised Charlamain above the common people.  Inside, it is Octiginal.  Lots of gothic architecture has been added to the outside.  Has examples of Opus Sectili.  A technique where you take marble and stone and cut it to form different shapes and fit them together.  This is a revival of this technique from an earlier period.  Second level has a gallery and then another "sham" gallery above that.  Arches don't need support, they are just decorative.  Dedicated to Mary.  Top has the 4 evangelists and 24 elders of the apocalypse.  This is a very tall building but not very wide.  The marble throne has 4 steps to mimic Soloman's.  Charlemain would have looked down into the nave at the apse.
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    Oratory of Theodulf, Germigny-dis-Pres, 806

    This was the chapel near his villa.  Theodulf came from Spain so it has spanish influence.  The nave was later extended.  Designed as a square.  Gold angels looking over the arc of the covenant.  Very strange and unique.  The reason was in response to the Bezentine empire's push back against icons.  Theodulf figured if there were icons in the Bible then this was ok.  The rest of the west didn't follow.  No need.
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    Monastery Plan of St. Gall, early 9th century

    Surprise when it was discovered.  Plan was drawn in the early 9th Century.  It is the only architectural drawing that remains from the Medieval time.  This same arrangement is what you find in all monasteries from here on.
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    Frescoes, St. Stephen’s Chapel, St. Germain, Auxerre, before 859

    Not many Frescas survive.  Men killing St. Steven.  Stephen was the first of the Marters.
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