china,japan,korea, and vietnam

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  1. who was given the job of rebuilding japan after the end of ww2
    Douglas MacArthur
  2. what type of government was created for japan in the years following the war
    constitutional monarchy
  3. what was the japanese emperors role in the new government
    the japanese emperors role in the new government was ceremonial
  4. what is the name of the japanese parliament
    the diet was its name
  5. what was a requirement written into the new japanese constitution
    to never declare war
  6. who led the chinese communist during most of the 20th century
    Mao Zedong
  7. what happened to Mao's communist supporters  when the nationalist republic of china was formed in 1929
    they were attacked and killed
  8. who took over china right after ww2
    Mao and his communist
  9. why didnt the great leap forward work
    people wanted to be able to work for themselves and make a profit
  10. what was the period of time when Mao tried to eliminate anyone that criticized the government
    the cultural revolution
  11. what was the name of the new army of young people Mao used to enforce his policies in the 1960s
    the red guard
  12. what jobs did Mao think would lead china to become most prosperous
    farmers and workers
  13. who became leader of china  after Mao's death in 1976
    Den Xiaoping
  14. what happened to the students that protested for greater political freedom in tianamen square in beiging in 1989
    were attacked by chinese troops many were killed or arrested
  15. what statue was the goddess of democracy modeled after
    the statue of liberty
  16. what was russia's main goal at the end of ww2
    to be sure they would never be attacked by a western european country
  17. what did the leader of the soviet union think would provide the most protection
    having friendly procommunist countries along all their borders would help
  18. what was the name given to the disagreements between the u.s. and the soviet union
    the cold war
  19. the country was divided because of
    soviet controlled north u.s. controlled south
  20. what was the fear of the u.s. about both korea and vietnam at the end of ww2
    the 2 countries would become communist
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