Vocab Words

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  1. Extreme pride in one's country
  2. Not taking one side or another during a fight or war
  3. Idea that using military power is a way to solve problems
  4. Policy of remaing seprate from other nations
  5. Amendment that granted women the right to vote
  6. Men chosen to serve in the military by lottery
    Military draft
  7. The right to vote
  8. Made sure there were enough soldiers for the U.S. Army
    Selective Service Act
  9. How long the war lasted
    4 years
  10. Congressional Medal of Honor winner who became a hero when he captrued132 German soldiers during the Battle of Argonne Forest.
    Alvin C. York
  11. Serbian rebles killed this person and started World War 1
    Archduke Francis Ferdinand
  12. Germany's foreign secretary who sent a secret telegram to Mexico.
    Athur Zimmerman
  13. Governor of Tennessee in 1923 who built roads,reduced taxes, and improved schools.
    Austin Peay
  14. A women who worked for women's suffrage in Nashville,TN.
    Anne Dudley
  15. Famous for leadership role in women's suffrage,died in 1906.
    Susan B. Anthony
  16. President during World War 1 and also had the idea for the League of Nations.
    Woodrow Wilson
  17. She served as the leader of the International Women Suffrage Alliance.
    Carrie Chapman Catt
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