Chapter 7 WWI

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  1. Extreme pride in one's country
  2. Not taking side in or another during a fight
  3. Idea that using military power is a way to solve problems
  4. Policy of remaining seperate from other nations
  5. Amendment that granted women the right to vote
    19th amendment
  6. Men chosen to serve in the military by lottery
    military draft
  7. The right to vote
  8. Made sure there were enough soldiers for the U.S army
    Selective service
  9. How long the war lasted
    4 years
  10. Congrssioal Medal  of Honor winner who became a hero when he captured 132 Germansoldiers during the Battle of Argonne Forest
    Alvine C. York
  11. Serbian rebles killed this person and started WW1
    Francis Ferdinand
  12. Germany's foreign secretary who sent a secret telegram to Mexico 
  13. Govener of Tennessee in 1923 who built roads, reduced taxes, and improved schools
    Austin Peay
  14. A women who worked for women's sufferage in Nashville,TN
    Anne Dudley
  15. Famosus for leadership role in womens sufferage in, died in 1906
    Susan B. Anthoy
  16. President during WW1 and also had the idea of the League of Nations
    Woodroe Wilson
  17. She served as the leader of the International Woman Suffrage Alliance
    Carrie Chapman Catt
  18. what event started WW1? How did this event start the war?
    German's bombed ships, and broke the contracts
  19. during the first 3 years of the war, wich side did the Americans take?
    The allies
  20. Wich country was contacted by Zimmerman and what did Germany offer them if they would fight against the United States
    Zimmerman contacted Mexico asking therm tyo fight the U.S Mexico would get money along with Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona
  21. What happened for the US to finally join the Allied Powers in the war?
    The German's sank 5 American ships.
  22. What did Americans do to financially support the government during the war?
    They signed up for the draft for ages 18-45.  Planted gardens, used less fuel, heatless and meatles days.
  23. What did American industries do to support the war effort?
    They bought war bonds.
  24. List three ways americans on the home front sacrificed to support the war effort.
    Heatless, meatless, and gasless days.
  25. How did women help during the war?
    Women took over men's jobs that were once only done by men.
  26. What allowed France and their allies to win the war?
    New troops pouring in.
  27. President Wilson said, It si high time that our debt (to women) should be acknowledged and paid.  To what "debt" was Wilson referring?
    Women working for their families and men's jobs.
  28. What did President Wilson think America should do to repay the debt to women?
    They should have the right to vote.
  29. What caused the Labor movement to grow?
    People wanting to improve working conditions.
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