China and japan

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  1. What u.s genral was given the job of rebuilding Japan after World War 2
    Douglas McArthur
  2. Who led the Chinese Communist during the most of the 20th century?
    Mao Zendong
  3. what was the name of the  Japanese Parliament?
    The diet
  4. Which requirement was written into Japanese Constitution?
    maintain a strong military for their protection
  5. when national Republic of China is formed in 1929 what happend to maos communist supporters?
    they urged people in rural ares to support the new government
  6. what type of government was created for japan in the years following the war?
    Communist state
  7. what was the role of the Japanese emperor in the new government?
    He was a powerful political figure
  8. why was the great leap forward unsuccessful?
    the communist government rejected Maos idea and the farm were never organized
  9. what was the period of time called when Mao tried to eliminate everyone who critized the government?
    the great leap forward
  10. what was the name of the new armyof young people Mao used to enforce his policies in the 1960's?
    The red army
  11. why did the United States feel obligated to occupy Korea after World War 2
    Establishing peace
  12. why was reunification ofKorea difficult to achieve?
    different forms of government
  13. What was president Trumans biggest fear in the korean war?
    If forces closed china
  14. how did the korean war finally come to an end?
    Because of the cease fire om june 24th 1951
  15. What year was Mohandas gandi born?
  16. Whatbwas gandis field of study when he went to London?
  17. What is a hindu?
    A follower of Hinduism
  18. What is a mahatma?
    A person regarded with reverence or loving respect
  19. What is an untouchables?
    a member of the lowest-caste hindu group or person outside the caste system
  20. What is a caste system?
    A social structure in which classes are determined by heritity.
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