WGU Factoring Polynomials

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  1. Factoring out the Greatest Common Factor
    • Look for the GCF of any polynomial first and then factor it out.
    • When dealing with Exponents take out the least exponent of what you see
    • You can GCF out a common binomial as well
  2. Factor by grouping - done when a polynomial has more than three terms
  3. Factoring Trinomials
    coefficient of squared terms is 1
    coefficient of squared terms is not 1
    Factor by subsitution
    • Factoring when the coefficient is 1
    • Factoring whene the coefficient is not 1
    • Factoring by Substituion
  4. Special factoring
    Difference of Squares
    Perfect Square trinomial
    Difference of Cubes
    Sum of Cubes
    • Remember to look for the ability to square terms - you can easily make a polynomial a difference of squares

    • Factor a perfect trinomial

  5. Special factoring summarized
    These should be memorized
  6. A general approach to factoring
  7. Solving equations by factoring

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