PVD Terms

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  1. Angiography
    injection of contrast medium into the arterial vessel and visualization of vessels as radio-opaque material passes through them
  2. Ankle-arm index (AAI) Ankle-brachial index (ABI)
    The ratio of the ankle systolic pressure to the arm systolic pressure; an objective measurement of arterial disease that allows quantification of the degree of stenosis
  3. Arteriosclerosis
    Diffuse process whereby the muscle fibers and the endothelial lining of the walls of small arteries and arterioles thicken
  4. Atherosclerosis
    Disease process that affects the intima of the large and medium-sized arteries; consists of the accumulation of lipids, calcium, blood components, carbohydrates, and fibrous tissue on the intimal layer of a large - or medium-sized artery
  5. Bruit
    Sound produced by turbulent flow of the blood through a dilated segment of an arterial vessel.
  6. Collateral Circulation
    Growth of new vessels to replace occlude ones
  7. Duplex Ultrasound
    Combines B-mode-gray-scale imaging of tissue, organs, and blood vessels with capabilities of estimating velocity changes by use of a pulsed Doppler
  8. Endarterectomy
    A surgical procedure which excises the inner layer of an artery which has become thickened by atherosclerosis
  9. Homan's Sign
    Pain in calf after sharp dorsiflexion of the foot.
  10. Intermittent claudication
    A muscular cramp-like pain in extremities brought on by exercise and relieved by rest
  11. International Normalized Ration (INR)
    Method of measuring anticoagulant levels, such as warfarin (Coumadin); devised to bring a universal application to the calibration of the system to monitor anticoagulation achieved buy oral medications
  12. Oscillometry
    A diagnostic test which measure alterations in the pulse volume at different levels of an extremity
  13. Peripheral Vascular Disease
    (PVD) Any condition that disrupts blood flow to veins or arteries, with the exception of pulmonary and coronary arteries.
  14. Plethysmography
    Impedance pleysmography is used to measure venous outflow in the lower legs when pneumatic cuffs wrapped around the thighs are inflated and deflated
  15. Rubor
    Reddish, blue discoloration of skin
  16. Sympathectomy
    A surgical interruption of part of the sympathetic nerve pathway, performed for the relief of chronic pain in vascular disease
  17. Sympathomimetic
    A drug that mimics the effect of stimulation of organ and structures by the sympathetic nervous system
  18. Sympatholytic
    Drugs which reduce or prevent the action of sympathomimetic agents.
  19. Vasoconstriction
    A narrowing of the lumen of any blood vessel
  20. Vasodilation
    Widening or distention of any blood vessel
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