CNA Fill in the Blank

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  1. When you suspect hat a family member or another CNA is abusing a resident you should notify _______________________________.
    the charge nurse
  2. The three items that should always be stored in the  bottom drawer of the bedside cabinet is __________  ___________  ____________.
    graduate container, urinal and bedpan
  3. Places that are warm, dark and moist have the potential for _______________.
  4. A residents toothbrush and toothpaste should always be stored in the ______ drawer of the bedside cabinet.
  5. By properly disposing of leftover resident food, the CNA helps to prevent food _____________.
  6. The resident _______  _______  is an action plan for assisting and caring for the resident.
    care plan
  7. When perfuming the ___________  ___________, the CNA should have their fist positioned between the naval and bottom bone of the ribcage.
    heimlech manuever
  8. In order to prevent ____________  when feeding a resident, the CNA should always cut the food into bite sized pieces.
  9. When removing the personal protective equipment, the CNA should always remove their _________ first.
  10. If a resident has difficulty breathing, the CNA should check the residents ABC's which are _________  __________  ____________.
    • Airway
    • Breathing
    • Circulation
  11. In order to help prevent a resident who is immobile from having shortened muscles, the CNA must perform __________  ____  ___________.
    range of motion.
  12. If a resident in bed who has a bad cold keeps dropping his/her/ tissues on the floor the CNA should attach a _________ ______ to the bed.
    paper bag (trash bag)
  13. Restraints should only be used when ordered by a ____________.
  14. Placing a resident alone in a dark room is an example of _________.
    abuse (psychological)
  15. After dressing a resident with a right-sided weakness, the CNA should position the residents call light in the _________ hand of the resident for safety.
    left-sided (strong)
  16. If a resident who is always continent suddenly becomes incontinent, this should be reported to the _________  __________.
    charge nurse
  17. Placing long sleeve shirts and plants on a resident helps to prevent __________  _________.
    skin tears
  18. When an Asian or Hispanic resident avoids eye contact with members of the opposite sex this is an example of ___________ background.
    cultural (religious)
  19. A resident with low ______ in their blood will usually complain of being cold.
  20. A diabetic resident with ____ blood sugar will feel weak and dizzy.
  21. A residents cultural beliefs can ___________________________.
    affect communication
  22. During a bed bath a CNA should wash all _________ _________ before _________ _________.
    clean areas before dirty areas
  23. What is the most important job of the CNA?
    The safety of the resident
  24. A resident is dehydrated and needs mouth care performed before bedtime.  The resident tells the CNA to go away. What should the CNA do? 
    Remind the resident that mouth care is important and makes food taste better.
  25. A residents are plan states that the resent must eat regularly at meal times. Which of the following conditions requires the resident to eat regularly?
    Diabetes Mellitus
  26. What is a good way to promote the resident to help with his/her care?
    allowing the resident to make choices whenever possible.
  27. What should a CNA do if a resident refuses care? 
    Ask the charge nurse to talk to the resident.
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