congestive heart failure

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  1. statistics: who are most likely to die from chf
    1. African americans at 1.5 times more than white
    2. white at 1.5 more than African americans
    1. African americans
  2. an imbalance in pump function in which the heart fails to maintain the blood circulation is termed
  3. can you have chf without having pulmonary edema?
    yes, fluid will go elsewhere into the body
  4. what is the most severe imbalance that chf  causes or develops with an increase in lung fluid secondary to leakage from pulmonary capillaries into the interstium and alveoli of the lung
    pulmonary edema
  5. which dysfunction is dilation of left ventricle with impaired contractility
    1. systolic dysfunction
    2. diastolic dysfunction
    1. systolic dysfuction
  6. which dysfunction occurs in normal or intact left ventricle with impaired ability to relax and receive as well as eject blood
    1. systolic dysfunction
    2. diastolic dysfunction
    2. diastolic dysfunction
  7. true or false. is plasma oncotic pressure higher than pulmonary pressure
    • true the plasma oncotic is 25mmgh
    • and the pulmonary capillary pressure is 7-12mmhg
  8. what happens when lymph drainage has exceeded
    liquid starts accumulating in the interstitial spaces surrounding the bronchioles and lung vasculature (chf)
  9. when an increase fluid and pressure causes tracking into the interstitial space around the alveoli and disrupts the av membrane and fluid floods the alveoli it is called
    pulmonary edema
  10. if pulmonary edems secondary to altered capillary permeability it will cause
    1. ards
    2. infections
    3. inhaled toxins
    4. dic
    5. aspiration
    6. near drowning
    all of the above
  11. a secondary to increased pulmonary capillary pressure can cause
    1. pulmonary venous thrombosis
    2. stenosis or veno-occlusive disease
    3. volume overload
    all of the above
  12. a decreased oncotic pressure will result in:
    hypoalbuminemia (low protein, low nutrition)
  13. any mixed or unknown cause of chf can be from
    1. hape (high altitude pulmonary edema)
    2. heroin Over Dose
    3. pulmonary emboli
    4. eclampia
    5. post cardioversion
    6. post anesthesia
    7. post extubation
    8. post coronary artery bypass (CAB)
    all of the above
  14. pt hx can be:
    1. anxiety
    2. DOE(dyspnea on extertion)
    3. paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea (PND)
    4. productive cough (pink frothy)
    5. edema
    all of the above
  15. past medical pt hx for dx of chf are
    1. cardiomyopathy
    2. valve disease
    3. alcohol abuse
    4. hypertension
    5. angina
    6. MI
    7. family
    all of the above
  16. ,what is the most common causes of loss of left ventricle muscle, ongoing ischemia, decrease diastolic ventricular compliance, hypertension, valvular disease
    Coronary artery disease
  17. which tx are good to monitor chf
    1. oxygen at 100%
    2. ecg
    3. pulse oximetry
    4. elevation of HOB
    5. IV- nitrates, diaretics
    6. cpap/bipap
    all of the above
  18. which medications are used to tx chf
    1. diuretics (Lasix, bumex)
    2. nitrates (nitro and nipride)
    3. analgesic (morphine
    4. inotropes (dopamine and dobutamin)
    all of the above
  19. what does inamrinone and melrinone do to the heart
    it will increase cardiac contractility and vasodialate
  20. what does nitrate drugs (nitro, nipride) do to the heart
    it will decrease myocardial oxygen demand by lowering the preload and afterload
  21. true or false the goal is to achieve pcwp 15-18mmhg with cl greater than 2.2 while maintain blood pressure
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