Pharmacology Chapter 4

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  1. How do you administer drugs safely?
    • Use two identifiers- arm band, birthdate, staff, picture‚Ķ
    • Right drug- read a label 3 times
    • Right dose
    • Right route
    • Right time
    • Right storage
    • Right recording
    • Right preparation¬†
  2. What does a patient/family need to know to take a medication safely?
    • People should carry with them a list of medications they take
    • Go through medicines with them
    • Make sure they know how to store them
    • Drug interactions and alternate therapy
    • Special points about toxicity
    • Special comfort measures
    • Take as directed or until doctor tells you to stop taking it
    • Safety measures
  3. What are common reasons errors are made by nurses administering medications
    • Sleep deprivations
    • Mental lapses and fatigue
    • Inadequate knowledge of drugs
    • Inadequate knowledge of the patient
    • Transcription and handwriting errors
    • Dosage errors
    • Allergies
    • Deviation from procedure and policy
  4. What should you do if you make a medication error?
    • Monitor patient
    • Report it
    • Notify the manager of your unit
    • Start and incident report
  5. What percent of all malpractice cases are related to drugs?
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