Anatomy and Physiology Lab Practical I diseases

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  1. Acromegaly
    • hypersecretion of growth hormone
    • overgrowth of bones/extremities
  2. Diabetes insipidus
    • hyposecretion of ADH
    • dehydration and excessive urination
  3. Myxedema
    • hyposecretion of thyroid hormone
    • mental and physical sluggishness
  4. Tetany
    • hyposecretion of parathyroid hormone
    • increases neural excitability
    • prolonged muscle spasm
  5. Hirsutism
    • Hypersecretion of gonadocorticoids (androgens/estrogen)
    • abnormal hairiness
  6. Diabetes mellitus
    • hyposecretion of inuslin
    • subsequent loss of glucose and urine
  7. Hypoglycemia
    • hypersecretin of insulin
    • low blood sugar
    • anxiety, nervousness, tremors, weakeness
  8. Anemia
    decrease in O2 carrying capacity in blood
  9. Polycythemia
    abnormal increase in number of RBCs
  10. Leukocytosis
    abnormally high WBC count
  11. Leukopenia
    WBC count below 4000/ml
  12. Leukemia
    cancer of lymphoid tissue that results in uncontrolled proliferation of abnormal WBCs
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