Act 1 Vocab

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  1. Act
    a division within a play, much like chapters in a novel
  2. Aside
    lines spoken by a character by a character directly to the audience
  3. Cast of Characters
    a listing of characters who appear on the stage
  4. Comedy
    humorous work of drama
  5. Dialogue
    conversation between two or more characters
  6. Drama
    work of literature designed to be performed in front of an audience
  7. Dramatic irony
    audience or reader knows something characters in story do not
  8. Foil
    character much like another character in class, rank, and background, but has opposite traits which provide contrast and conflict between characters
  9. Monologue
    long speech spoken by character to himself, another character, or to the audience
  10. Scene
    division of an act into smaller parts
  11. Stage directions
    italicized comments that identify parts of setting or the use of props or costumes, give further info about character, or provide background info
  12. Dramatic exposition
    prosed commentaries used to provide background info about characters and their world
  13. Tragedy
    serious work of drama in which the hero suffers catastrophe or serious misfortune, usually because of his own actions
  14. Tragic hero
    a protagonist with a fatal flaw which eventually leads to his demise
  15. Crucible
    heat-resistant container in which metals are melted or fused at very high temperatures
  16. Predilection
    a preexisting preference
  17. Ingratiating
    charming, flattering
  18. Dissembling
    concealment of one's real nature or motive
  19. Columny
    false accusation, slander
  20. Inculcation
    teaching by repetition and urging
  21. Propitiation
    an action designed to soothe
  22. Evade
    avoid or escape by deceit or cleverness
  23. Abomination
    an object of diguist, shame, or dislike
  24. Conjured
    invoked unnatural or supernatural forces
  25. Contention
    disagreement or claim made in a debate
  26. Deference
    respect toward another's opinion or interests
  27. Innate
    quality or characteristic you're born with, something integral or important
  28. Licentious
    sexually immoral, lacking moral or ethical restraint
  29. Manifestion
    a sign, an indication of the existence of something
  30. Paradox
    statement or situation which is contradictory
  31. Prodigious
    impressive in size or amount
  32. Vindictive
    purposely hurtful or hateful
  33. Allegory
    story or tale with 2 or more levels of meaning (First is literal and second is symbolic)
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