sat vocab a-13

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  1. aversion (n)
    a strong or fixed dislike; antipathy.
  2. cache (n)
    hiding place; something hidden in a secret place.
  3. eulogy (n)
    high praise for a deceased person.
  4. gratuitous (adj)
    freely given; unnecessary; uncalled for.
  5. hyperbole (n)
    an exaggerated statement used as a figure of speech for rhetorical effect.
  6. incontrovertible (adj)
    not able to be disputed or denied.
  7. indolence (n)
    dislike of work, laziness; idleness.
  8. labyrinth (n)
    a maze; a complicated, perplexing arrangement of affairs.
  9. metamorphosis (n)
    change in form, structure or substance; transforma­tion.
  10. nymphomania (n)
    abnormal and uncontrollable desire by a woman for sex.
  11. orient (v)
    to arrange in accordance with a direction; to adapt or adjust; to acquaint with.
  12. perspicuous (adj)
    clear; easily understood; lucid.
  13. peruse (v)
    to study; to read.
  14. relic (n)
    a thing or part that remains from the past; something kept as sacred because it belonged to a saint.
  15. urbane (adj)
    courteous; suave; polished.
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