Biology 275: Enzyme Classes

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  1. Hydrolase
    enzymes that catalyze a hydrolytic cleavage reaction
  2. Nuclease
    Breaks down nucleic acids by hydrolyzing bonds between nucleotides
  3. Protease
    Breaks down proteins by hydrolyzing peptide bonds between amino acids
  4. Ligase
    • Joins two molecules together
    • DNA ligase joins two DNA strands together end-to-end
  5. Isomerase
    Catalyzes the rearrangement of bonds within a single molecule
  6. Polymerase
    Catalyzes polymerization reactions such as the synthesis of DNA and RNA
  7. Kinase
    • Catalyzes the addition of phosphate groups to molecules
    • Protein kinases are an important groups of kinases that attach phosphate groups to proteins
  8. Phosphatase
    Catalyzes the hydrolytic removal of a phosphate group from a molecule
  9. Oxido-reductase
    • General name for the enzymes that catalyze reactions in which one molecule is oxidized while the other is reduced
    • Enzymes of this type are often called oxidases, reductases, or dehydrogenases
  10. ATPase
    • Hydrolyzes ATP
    • Many protains have an energy-harnessing ATPase activity as part of their function, including motore proteins such as myosin and membrane transport proteins such as the sodium pump
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