Stasiland Characters

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  1. Who was Miriam?
    • Aged in her mid-forties, Miriam has spent much of her life fighting the stasi. She became an enemy of the state at 16 years of age. She almost escaped East Berlin in 1968, but was caught, tried and imprisoned.
    • After her release she married Charlie, who later died in custody. She has spent decades seeking answers.
    • Ends up working at a radio station
  2. Who is Erich Mielke?
    The minister for State Security
  3. Who is Herr Winz?
    • Was once part of the stasi
    • Asked for Funder's ID
    • brought a copy of The Communist Manifesto
    • He now belongs to a group of ex-Stasi men
    • adamant that people miss the safety of the GDR and eagerly awaits the second coming of socialism
    • Vehemently defends communism 
  4. What is Julia's story?
    • Julia is Anna's landlord. The stasi closely monitored Julia because of her relationship with an Italian man. The Stasi also covertly controlled her education and employment.
    • Julia was raped just after the Wall fell.
    • She is mistrustful, anxious and unable to submit to authority
    • She moves to San Francisco to start a new life
  5. Describe Karl Eduard Von Schnitzler's life
    • He is 79 years old and frail, but aggressive
    • He researched, wrote and presented 'The Black Channel' which defamed the imperialistic views of the West
    • He remains staunchly committed to communist and GDR ideology
  6. Who is Herr Christian?
    • Lives in Potsdam (car)
    • Funder is taken to the places where he worked
    • He was locked up for 3 days and demoted for an affair he was informed on
    • He is now a detective
    • He worked on the Stasi's border control.
    • He had no ideological commitment to the Stasi
  7. Who is hagen Koch?
    • The man that drew the line for the Wall
    • He was the poster boy for the Free german youth program (blackmailed father)
    • He directed the Drafting Office for Cartographics and Topography.
    • He approved of the wall because they were taking advantage of the eastern way
    • His wife was forced to divorce him
  8. who is herr bock?
    • The one that lives in the beige house
    • Taught Stasi men the science of recruiting informers.
    • His quiet menace makes Anna uncomfortable
  9. Who is Herr Bohnsack?
    • he outed himself after the Wall fell. His expertise was disinformation
    • His efforts to burn incriminating files in his family’s old baker’s oven
    • Herr Bohnsack is a sad figure that does genuinely seem to have lost his place in the new Germany.
  10. Who is Frau Sigrid Paul?
    • Fraul Paul is in her early sixties. She volunteers at the museum set up in the former Hohenshonhausen prison, where she was incarcerated in the 1960s for helping students escape East Berlin
    • She refused a Stasi deal to inform on a friend and, in doing so, relinquished all opportunity of seeing her infant son, who was in a West Berlin hospital (Torsten)
  11. Who is Torsten?
    • Frau Paul's son
    • Born with life threatening injuries, Torsten spent 5 years in a West Berlin hospital.
    • Anna meets Torsten as an adult
  12. Who is Klaus Renft?
    • A founding member of the Klaus Renft Combo, on of East germany's most popular rock groups, which was banned by the Stasi in 1975. 
    • Klaus is easygoing, philosophical and a heavy drinker
  13. Who is Alexander Scheller?
    • Anna's boss at West berlin's overseas television station. 
    • His dismissive attitude toward the East germans strengthens Anna's determination to research and write Miriam's story
  14. Who is Uwe Schmidt?
    Anna's colleague who helps her track down von Schnitzler and Hagen Koch
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