Healthcare Administration Programs (CHAPTER 3)

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  1. What does "AHLTA" stand for?
    Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application
  2. What does "HIPAA" stand for?
    Health Information Portability and Accountability Act
  3. What does "FOIA" stand for?
    Freedom of Information Act
  4. Regardless of the job title, HMs will have administrative responsibilities which may be primary or equal to their clinical responsibilities. What are 3 of the roles of the HM?
    • 1. Greeting the patient entering the clinic or inpatient floor.
    • 2. Assisting patients in completing medical treatment forms.
    • 3. Performing in initial assessment of the beneficiary, specifically vital signs.
    • 4. Providing initial clinical documentation.
    • 5. Preparing follow-up appointments for patients.
    • 6. Assisting with the referral process.
    • 7. Preparing and maintaining files and medical treatment records, including reports derived from them.
    • 8. Developing and maintaining a proactive and responsive supply process.
  5. All persons working for the federal government are eligible for treatment in a medical treatment facility.
    True or False.
    False; "NOT" all persons*
  6. What does "DEERS" stand for?
    Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System
  7. What is the NAVMEDCOMINST 6320.3 series?
    Medical and Dental Care for Eligible Persons at Navy Medical Department Facilities
  8. What is DEERS used for?
    is a computer-based enrollment and eligibility verification system.
  9. What is a DD 1172?
    Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card application
  10. Both (______) and the (______) are utilized to establish eligibility for care.
    DEERS and the ID card
  11. If a valid ID card is not provided within (How many) calendar days, the patient will be billed as a Civilian Humanitarian.
  12. Under no circumstances will the Clerk performing the eligiblity check deny the requested care.
    True or False
    • True
    • Only command-designated supervisory personnel can perform this function.
  13. There are 9 "DEERS eligibility overrides." What are the 3 major DEERS eligibility overrides?
    • 1. New Identification Card (issued within the previous 120 days, will not be denied care)
    • 2. Sponsors Entering Active Duty Status for a Period of Greater than 30 Days.
    • 3. Newborns (will not be denied care for 60days)
  14. For Dental Care or Treatment, what is Priority Category 1A?
    Members of the uniformed services on active duty.
  15. For Dental Care or Treatment, what is Priority Category 1B?
    Members of a Reserve Component of the Armed Forces and National Guard personnel
  16. For Dental Care or Treatment, what is Priority Category 2?
    Family member of active duty members of the uniformed services; family members of persons who died while in such a status
  17. For Dental Care or Treatment, what is Priority Category 4?
    Retired members of the uniformed services and their family members (including family members of deceased retired members)
  18. Quality assurance activities are highly valued by "TJC" and "MED IG". What do they stand for?
    The Joint Commission and Medical Inspector General
  19. What is the BUMEDINST 6010.13 series?
    Quality Assurance Program
  20. What is the SECNAVINST 1752.3 series and the BUMEDINST 6320.70 series?
    Family Advocacy Program
  21. What is OPNAVINST 5350.4 series?
    Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention and Control
  22. What is the OPNAVINST 6110.1 series?
    Physical Readiness Program
  23. In addition to Physical Readiness Program implementation, specific Medical Department responsibilities include what?
    • 1. Conducting lifestyle, fitness, and obesity research
    • 2. Reviewing health status and granting waivers for individuals unable to safely participate in physical fitness testing and training.
  24. In the "Medical Setting" (WHAT) refers to a patient's expressed or implied agreement to submit to an examination or treatment?
  25. (What) requires that the healthcare provider gives the patient all the information necessary for a knowledgable decision?
    Informed Consent
  26. In releasing of medical information, what are the two federal statutes combine to establish the criteria for collecting, maintaining, and releasing medical treatment records?
    The Privacy Act and the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
  27. Per FOIA, the official party having responsibility for the records has 40 working days to respond to the requester.
    True or False
    • False;
    • *20 working days to respond
  28. The HIPPA Privacy Rule allows the use and disclosure of PHI for what?
    Treatment, payment and health care operations without written authorization from the patient.
  29. Records of patients may be made available to U.S. Navy investigators once they have established the need to know. This determination will be made by the Hospital (____) or (______)
    Hospital JAG or Public Affiars Officer (PAO)
  30. Per delivery of a patient under warrant of arrest, what action should be taken for Non-Active Duty Patients?
    No official action by hospital personnel is required before local authorities take custody of the released patient.
  31. Per delivery of a patient under warrant of arrest, what action should be taken for Active Duty Patients?
    The Commanding Officer is authorized to deliver personnel to federal law enforcement authorities.
  32. If the Treatment facility is located outside the jurisdiction requesting delivery, only a General Courts-Martial authrority is authorized to arrange for delivery of such patient.
    True or False
  33. Prisoner patients fall into three categories of eligible beneficiaries. What are they?
    • 1. Enemy prisoners of war and other detained personnel.
    • 2. Non-military federal prisoners.
    • 3. Military prisoners.
  34. Enemy prisoners of war and other detained personnel are entitled to what type of care?
    entitled to all nessary care, subject to the availability of care and facilities.
  35. Non-military federal prisoners are authorized to what type of care?
    Only emergency care
  36. Military Prisoner during confinement, are entitled to what type of health care?
    During confinement, they will normally retain healthcare benefits.
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