Victor Gr. 7 - Vocabulary - Martin Luther King Jr. I Have a Dream Speech

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  1. legislation -
    legislation - a law or set of laws made by a government.

    The President presented his new legislation (set of laws) to Congress.
  2. lectern -
    lectern -  a stand that holds a book, notes, etc. for someone who is speaking, reading, or teaching.

    The speaker stood at the lectern (a stand) and delivered his speech.
  3. magisterial -
    magisterial -  showing impressive knowledge about a subject; being an expert on a subject.

    The teacher was magisterial (expert) in his knowledge about Martin Luther King, Jr.
  4. vistas -
    vistas - large beautiful views of an area of land or water.

    Mom and Dad stood to admire the beautiful vistas (views) of the ocean.
  5. riff -
    riff -  a short and usually repeated pattern of notes in a song.

    The musical piece has a great guitar riff (repeated pattern of notes) all the way through the song.
  6. improvisation -
    improvisation - the act or art of improvising.

    ... improvise means to make something up on the spot, or figure it out as you go.

    The young boy was able to do a piano improvisation (made up on the spot) without skipping a beat.
  7. refrain(s) -
    refrain(s) -  a phrase or verse that is repeated regularly in a poem or song.

    The song refrain (phrase or verse) repeated three times throughout the song.
  8. prose -
    prose -  writing that is not poetry: ordinary writing.

    The children presented their prose (writing NOT poetry) to the class.
  9. pulpit -
    pulpit -  a raised platform where a priest or minister stands when leading a worship service.

    The priest stood at the pulpit (a raised platform) and gave his sermon.
  10. crescendo -
    crescendo -  a gradual increase in the loudness of a sound or section of music.

    The crowd applauded at the crescendo (gradual increase in the loudness of sound) as the musical piece came to an end.
  11. radiant -
    radiant -  having or showing an attractive quality of happiness, love, health, etc.

    The parents faces were radiant with joy (showing a quality of happiness and love) as their son received his college degree.
  12. sweltering -
    sweltering - very hot.

    It was sweltering (very hot) in the classroom on this very humid day.
  13. reverent -
    reverent - showing a lot of respect: very respectful.

    The people in the church were reverent (showed a lot of respect) as they sat quietly waiting for the mass to begin.
  14. skeptic -
    skeptic -  a person who questions or doubts something (such as a claim or statement): a person who often questions or doubts things.

    The woman was a skeptic (doubtful) when she heard the salesman's claims.
  15. cornerstone -
    cornerstone -  a stone that forms part of a corner in the outside wall of a building and that often shows the date when the building was built.

    The cornerstone (a stone that sits in the outside corner of a building) of the building was carved with the date the building was built.
  16. transformative -
    transformative -  the act or instance of transforming.  The state of being transformed.

    The medicine was transformative (able to change something) in that it quickly took away the woman's headache.
  17. Tiananmen Square -
    Tiananmen Square -  a large city square in the center of Bejing, China. 

    It is named after the Tiananmen gate located to its North, separating it from the Forbidden City.

    Tiananmen Square is a large public square in China.  Years ago chinese students protested in the square and were chased down by military tanks.
  18. exert -
    exert -  to use (strength, ability, etc.)

    The old man was not able to exert (to put forward strength) himself too much since he had fallen and broken his arm.
  19. oratory -
    oratory - the art of speaking in public eloquently or effectively.

    Martin Luther King, Jr. had excellent oratory (speaking) skills.
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