American Era in the Philippines 2

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  1. assacinated in cabanatuan , nueva ecija
    antonio luna
  2. died defending tirad pass
    Gregorio del pilar
  3. Making their knowledge of the philippine terrain and climate their primary advantage
    Guerilla Fighting
  4. This amendment authorized the american president to establish a civil government in the ph
    Spooner amendment
  5. First civil governor of the philippines island
    theodore roosevelt
  6. First governor
    willian taff
  7. turn the island of samar in?
    howling wildernesss
  8. proposed the establishment of an independent filipino church
    Isabelo delos reyes
  9. This law provided a bill of rights of filipinos
    Cooper LAW or philippine act of 1902
  10. first political party in the philippines
    federal party
  11. took over a military commander in the philippines
    leaonard wood
  12. act of congress of august 29, 1916 will shall give the philippines its independence after uncertained while
    Jones LAW
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