Arabic 1B Vocab Chapter 8 Verbs Past Present Masdar

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  1. سَکَنَ
    he lived
  2. یَسکُن
    he lives
  3. السَّکَن
    living, to live
  4. دَرَسَ
    he studied
  5. یَدرُس
    he studies
  6. الدِّراسة
    studying, to study
  7. کَتَبَ
    he wrote
  8. یَکتُب
    he writes
  9. الکِتابة
    writing, to write
  10. شَعَرَ بِ
    he felt, he had feelings of
  11. یَشعُر بِ
    he feels, he has feelings of
  12. الشُّعور بِ
    feeling, to have feelings of
  13. حَصَلَ علی
    he got, he obtained
  14. یَحصُل علی
    he gets, he obtains
  15. الحُصول علی
    • getting/obtaining
    • to get/to obtain
  16. دَخَلَ
    he entered
  17. یَدخُل
    he enters
  18. الدُّخول
    entering, to enter
  19. رَفَضَ
    he refused
  20. یَرفُض
    he refuses
  21. الرَّفض
    refusing, to refuse
  22. أَکَلَ
    he ate
  23. یأَکُل
    he eats
  24. الأَکل
    eating, to eat
  25. شَرِبَ
    he drank
  26. یَشرَت
    he drinks
  27. الشُّرب
    drinking, to drink
  28. ذَهَبَ إلی
    he went to
  29. یَذهَب إلی
    he goes to
  30. الذَّهاب إلی
    going to, to go to
  31. نَجَحَ
    he passed, he succeeded
  32. یَنجَح
    he succeeds in, he passes
  33. النَّجاح
    succeeding in, passing
  34. قَرَأ
    he read
  35. یَقرَأ
    he reads
  36. القِراءة
    reading, to read
  37. عَمِلَ
    he worked
  38. یَعمَل
    he works
  39. العَمَل
    working, to work
  40. فَعَلَ
    he did
  41. يَفعَل
    he does
  42. الفِعل
    doing, to do
  43. حَفِظَ
    he memorized
  44. يَحفَظ
    he memorizes
  45. الحِفظ
    memorizing, to memorize
  46. عَرَفَ
    he knew
  47. يَعرِف
    he knows
  48. المَعرِفة
    knowing, to know
  49. کانَ/کُنتُ
    he/I was
  50. يَکون
    to be
  51. الکَون
    being, to be
  52. قالَ/قُلتُ
    he said/ I said
  53. يَقول
    he says
  54. القَول
    saying, to say
  55. ماتَ / مِتُّ
    he died, I died?
  56. يَموت
    he dies
  57. المَوت
    dying, to die
  58. عاشَ / عِشتُ
    he lived, I lived?
  59. يَعيش
    he lives
  60. العَيش
    living, to live
  61. دَرَّسَ
    he taught
  62. يُدَرِّس
    he teaches
  63. التَّدريس
    teaching, to teach
  64. شاهَدَ
    he watched
  65. يُشاهُد
    he watches
  66. المُشاهَدة
    watching, to watch
  67. ساعَدَ
    he helped
  68. يُساعِد
    he helps
  69. المُساعَدة
    helping, to help
  70. ذاکَرَ
    he studied, reviewed
  71. يُذاکِر
    he studies, reviews
  72. المُذاکَرة
    studying, reviewing, doing hw
  73. سافَرَ إلی
    he traveled to
  74. يُسافِر إلی
    he travels to
  75. السَّفَر إلی
    traveling to, to travel to
  76. أَحَبَّ
    he liked, loved
  77. يُحِبّ
    he likes, loves
  78. الحُبّ
    liking, loving
  79. أرادَ / أرَدتُ
    he wanted, I wanted
  80. يُريد
    he wants
  81. الإرادة
    wanting, to want
  82. تَذَکَّرَ
    he remembered
  83. يَتَذَکَّر
    he remembers
  84. التَّذَکُّر
    remembering, to remember
  85. تَکَلَّمَ
    he spoke
  86. يَتَکَلَّم
    he speaks
  87. التَّکَلُّم / الکَلام
    speaking, to speak
  88. بَخَرَّجَ
    he graduated
  89. يَتَخَرَّج
    he graduates
  90. التَّخَرُّج
    graduating, to graduate
  91. اِستَمَعَ إلی
    he listened to
  92. يَستَمِع إلی
    he listens to
  93. الاِستِماع إلی
    listening to, to listen to
  94. اِلتَحَقَ بِ
    he joined, entered (school, army, etc)
  95. يَلتَحِق بِ
    • he joins, enters
    • (school, army, etc)
  96. الاِلتِحاق بِ
    • entering, joining
    • (school, army, etc)
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