MCJ 176: Current Events (2)

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  1. How many American soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan?
  2. What is the name of the proposed 1,179-mile pipeline that would travel through the center of the United States?
    Keystone XL oil pipeline
  3. Name the five member countries of the United Nations Security Council.
    (1) China

    (2) France

    (3) Russia

    (4) United Kingdom

    (5) United States
  4. Acclaimed US photographer James Nachtwey was shot and injured during street protests in this Asian city.
  5. How many non-permanent members belong to the UN Security Council?
    Five (5)
  6. A volcano erupting in this Asian country has killed at least 16 people. Name the country.
  7. The United Nations estimates that a civil conflict in this African nation has left 3.7 million people in need of food. Name the country.
    South Sudan
  8. Mohammed Morsi is being kept inside a sound-proofed glass box while he is on trial for various offenses in the country he once headed. Name the country.
  9. While destruction of Syria's chemical weapons stockpile is off to a slow start, destruction of this country's chemical weapons was completed last week. Name the country.
  10. World Health Organization scientists say the globe is facing a "tidal wave" of this disease.
  11. EXTRA (1)

    The first formal meeting between Pakistan's government and a Taliban-nominated team has been held in Islamabad, officials say.
    The talks are aimed at charting a "roadmap" for negotiations that will try to end a decade-long insurgency.
  12. EXTRA (2)

    Italy's navy has rescued 1,123 people from inflatable boats in the space
    of 24 hours, as clandestine migration from North Africa reaches record
    The latest migrants were found in eight boats and a barge about 120 miles (222km) south-east of Lampedusa.

    They included 47 women, four of them pregnant, and 50 children, all probably from sub-Saharan Africa, the navy said.
  13. EXTRA (3)

    A father's plea to watch a video based on his dead son's Facebook page
    has provoked the network to look again at how families can remember
    loved ones.
    Facebook recently launched a Look Back feature that creates a video generated by popular moments on a person's profile.

    John Berlin posted a YouTube clip asking to see a Look Back video for his son Jesse, who died in 2012 aged 22.

    After the plea gained support, Facebook told Mr Berlin a video would be made.
  14. EXTRA (4)

    Afghan Taliban 'capture US military dog'
    The Taliban claim to have captured a dog belonging to US troops during fighting in eastern Afghanistan last December.

    They released footage featuring the dog, apparently called "Colonel".
  15. EXTRA (5)

    UN urges action over Central African Republic brutality
    • The UN envoy to the Central African Republic has urged the country to
    • ensure that soldiers who lynched a man accused of being a rebel face
    • justice.

    • The incident in the
    • capital Bangui happened just moments after interim President Catherine
    • Samba-Panza finished speaking at an army ceremony.
  16. EXTRA (6)

    Sochi Winter Olympics: Three sisters skiing for gold
    • Maxime, 24, Chloe, 22, and Justine, 19, will all be competing together
    • as part of the Canadian national mogul team at this year's Winter
    • Olympics in Sochi.
  17. EXTRA (7)

    Essex explosion destroys Clacton homes
    • A gas explosion and fire has "flattened" two houses in Cloes Lane,
    • Clacton, injuring 10 people.

    • A man in his 70s was airlifted to hospital
    • with life-threatening injuries; 19 properties were evacuated.
  18. EXTRA (8)

    Florida athlete D.J. Law signs with three schools and no one knows yet who gets him
    • Ole Miss, Utah and East Mississippi Community College all received
    • signatures from Law and no one knows - officially - which school got him
    • first.
  19. EXTRA (9)

    US firefighter handcuffed over parking row
    • Footage has emerged of a firefighter being
    • handcuffed by Highway Patrol officers while attending a road accident in
    • southern California.

    Jake Gregoire was held on Tuesday after refusing a request to move his fire engine from a traffic lane immediately.

    However, he was quickly released, as Rebecca Donovan reports.
  20. EXTRA (10)

    Nigerian gay people being hunted down
    n northern Nigeria, gay men are being hunted down.
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