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  1. POP
    Point of presence
  2. COTS
    Commercial off the shelf
  3. WIN-T
    Warfighter information network tactical
  4. SSS
    Single shelter switch
  5. TM
    Technical Manual
  6. FM
    Field Manual
  7. HCLOS
    High Capacity Line of Sight
  8. STT
    Satellite transportable terminal
  9. TCN
    Tactical Communication Node
  10. BNCPN
    Battalion Command Post Node
  11. CAC
    Common Access Card
  12. BVTC
    Battlefield video teleconference
  13. SNE
    Soldier network extension
  14. VDI
    Virtual desktop interface
  15. LWNS
    Land war net school
  16. PMCS
    Preventative maintenance check and services
  17. NSN
    National Stock #
  18. U/I
    Unit Issue
  19. MAC
    Maintenance Allocation Chart
  20. What is a DA2404?
    Physical record of PMCS (preventative maintenance checks and services).
  21. What is the 5988E?
    Electronic version of the PMCS (preventative maintenance checks and services)
  22. What does the level 10 maintenance cover?
    Operator level (what you can do)
  23. What does the level 20 maintenance cover?
    Unit level operator (someone with more experience in your unit should be qualified to fix the problem)
  24. What does a level 30 maintenance cover?
    Direct Support.
  25. What does a level 40 maintenance cover?
    General support (last level of support before it goes back to the manufacturer)
  26. What does the level 50 maintenance cover?
    Depot (manufacture repair)
  27. Breakdown this TM (TM-11-5805-861-13P)
    Technical Manual-11 stands for signal corp-5805 type of equipment-861 what type of equipment-13p level of maintenance covered- P = parts
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