Anatomy Ch.2 Cells

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  1. 3 parts of cells to the human body: (pg28)
    • 1. Cells are the structural “building blocks” of all plants and animals.
    • 2. Cells are produced by the division of preexisting cells.
    • 3. Cells are the smallest structural units that perform all vital functions.
  2. Sex cells (pg28)
    (germ cells or reproductive cells) are either the sperm of males or the oocytesof females.
  3. Somatic cells (pg28)
    (soma, body) include all the other cells in the body besides the sex cells.
  4. scanning electron microscopy
    electrons bouncing off exposed surfaces thathave been coated with a gold-carbon film create a scanning electron micrograph(SEM). Although scanning electron microscopy provides less magnificationthan transmission electron microscopy, it provides a three-dimensional perspectiveon cell structure.
  5. Anatomy of a typical Cell
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