Theology Section 3 Part 2

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  1. a group of heretical religious movements that claimed salvation comes from secret knowledge available only to the elite initiated in that region.
  2. something that can be spoiled or contaminated or made rotten, especially to be made morally perverted
  3. the study and proper interpretation of the Scriptures
  4. to be sinless and without guilt before God. Can also be used as a noun
  5. when the opposite ends of an equation or an event balance each other or have similar properties of characteristics
  6. a statement that seems contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet is true
  7. Jesus' passage from humanity into divine glory in God's heavenly domain forty days after his Resurrection. It is from this domain that Jesus will come again.
  8. the passage of Jesus from death to new life one the third day after his crucifixion. the heart of the Paschal mystery and the basis of our hope in the resurrection from the dead.
  9. great spiritual leaders
    • Moses
    • Confucius
    • Buddha
    • Mohammed
  10. Christ's _____ and resurrection are closely related
  11. Jesus reveals himself to ____ at the tomb
    Mary Magdalene
  12. we can trust the _______ _______ of the new testament
    historical validity
  13. many Gnostics believed that a human is composed of two parts a ___- and ____
    • body is bad
    • soul is good
  14. Saint Paul's  Arguments
    • the Resurrection really happened
    • Christ's resurrection is proof of our resurrection
    • A resurrected body is a transformed body
  15. Qualities of earth body
    • corruptible
    • dishonorable
    • weak
    • natural body
  16. qualities of resurrected body
    • incorruptible
    • honorable
    • powerful
    • spiritual body
  17. Jesus cast _ demons out of Mary magdela
  18. saint _____ of _____ was known for his biblical exegesis
    melito of sardis
  19. hell in hebrew and greek
    • sheol
    • hades
  20. implications of the ascension
    • Jesus has full authority over earth, heaven,hell
    • All humanity can go to Heaven
    • Jesus is more present now than before his death
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