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  1. Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner?
    Francis Scott Key
  2. Which treaty ended the war of 1812?
    The Treaty of Ghent
  3. Who saved some valuables from the White House and what did she save?
    • Dolley Madison
    • The George Washington painting
  4. Who made an important Naval victory on Lake Erie?
    Oliver Hazard Perry
  5. Who broke the tie in the election of 1800?
    The House of Representatives
  6. What is it called when the Judicial branch gets last say in if something is unconstitutional?
    Judicial Review
  7. What were the names of the two men who explored the Louisiana Purchase?
    • Meriwether Lewis
    • William Clark
  8. How much did the US spend on the Louisiana Purchase?
  9. Who did the US buy the Louisiana Purchase from?
    Napoleon Bonaparte
  10. Who helped Lewis and Clark?
  11. What was the first phase of the war in 1812
    To stop the blockade
  12. What battle was the Star Spangled Banner about?
    Battle of Thames
  13. What Shawnee chief tried to unite Native Americans to fight?
  14. What were westerners who wanted war with the Native Americans called?
    War Hawks
  15. How did the British effect American trade?
    They created a blockade or they impressed (kidnapped) American soldiers
  16. What did the French do to effect American trade?
    Made laws to regulate foreign shipping
  17. What did America do to counter the French and British trade conflicts? And, what was it called?
    • They enforced laws to stop trade with France and Britain
    • Embargo Act of 1807
  18. What did the Judiciary Act of 1801 state?
    That a president can appoint judges for the Supreme Court if there is an open spot
  19. What are radicals?
    People who hold extreme political positions
  20. Who killed Hamilton?
    Aaron Burr, Vice President
  21. What was one of Jefferson's talents?
    • He made a dumbwaiter
    • He improved the early copy machine
    • He was gifted in architecture
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